Primark fans rejoice: Disney bauble ornaments are back in time for the holidays!

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Primark Disney Baubles

Credit: Primark

It’s beginning to look a lot like…Christmas?

Even though the holidays are still a few months away, that doesn’t mean we can’t get into the holiday spirit. Thanks to Primark, Disney fans everywhere can now get ready for the most wonderful time of the year because they just revealed some of their festive decorations.

Disney baubles were extremely popular amongst Mickey and Minnie lovers everywhere, and now we can get even more excited because we just found out Primark is bringing them back for 2019 and we got a sneak peek!

Primark Christmas Baubles
Credit: Primark

Check out these glamorous Mickey and Minnie ornaments: A simple red Mickey head with the word “Disney” written on the front; a green Mickey head covered in white snowflakes and “Ho, Ho, Ho” written in red glitter; a black Minnie head with white polka dots and completed with a big red bow on top; and A red Santa Mickey head, completed with a dusting of shining glitter.

Bronze Primark Disney Baubles
Credit: Primark

This beautiful line is full of warm tones of orange, silver, and bronze and comes in an assortment of Mickey heads, Minnie heads, and a Mickey glove.

Disney pastel Primark Baubles
Credit: Primark

Calling all pastel lovers. This line is full of pretty pink, purple and blue pastels and completed with the perfect amount of gold and pink glitter. This set is most certainly fit for a princess.

Primark Classic Disney Baubles
Credit: Primark

And for all of those traditional Disney lovers, Primark has a line right up your alley! This line features the traditional red and white Mickey and Minnie colors along with some sparkling silver glitter to spice things up.

Primark Box Sets Disney Baubles
Credit: Primark

But Primark didn’t stop there.. They are also offering box sets filled with 25 Disney Baubles in an assortment of colors and designs. First, there is a box set of black and red Disney baubles with some metallic and some covered with glitter. The other box set is a variety of pinks, blues and golds baubles with varying patterns.

It looks like my tree will be filled with Primark Disney Baubles this year. How about yours?

Which Primark Disney Bauble will you be hanging on your tree this year?

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