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orlando international airport

Credit: Orlando International Airport


  1. Mark

    This was silly bc the storm keeps going back and forth now it looks like its hitting again i wouldnt want to fly out in that and i am not i rather not test fate or my daughter and i life! The flight i would have to take home would be going out to the coast along w dorian no way! This storm might not come shore but do you see how big this is it looks like a planet via nasa scope and as i know from past storms the squalls and outer bands which will still hit orlando are the worst damage makers! Yes i could be positive but i learned expect the worst pray for the best! Just look at the bahamas they werent suppose to even get it!!! Irma wasnt supose to hit and it turned! Theres a few tracks going into the state still! I am glad i am safe in my room! The winds are going to 50 miles from the center right now and they will still be catastrophic! I really hope that mco takes that into thoughts! Some tracks still have it coming into the state those as others have stated are the same tracks that had irma right!

    1. Harley

      Mark its scary but i am sure mco just like the parks will do whats best for safety! They wont temp fate but its also too soon to call! Your so right though your not clear till its past and my heart goes out to the bahamas whom werent prepared!

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