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Sony Pictures boycotted

Credit: Sony


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    If I were Sony Pictures’ CEO, I would take Apple’s offer. Who could say no to such a huge offer? If this is the Endgame for Sony, may they choose the best one, that means, merging with Apple to become a larger company, and why not, rival Disney. Nuff said!

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    I say do it! Do it, do it, do it!

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    Sony is committing suicide by gambling on itself. They really think the Spider-Man movies they made by themselves, including that B-movie Venom garbage, are solid proof that going forward they can beat the MCU Spider-Man helmed movies. Sony’s investors need to jump ship on that gamble. The proof is in the pudding. Spider-Man needs to permanently stay in its true home with Marvel Studios. Sony needs to face the facts – their silly film licensing agreement has run its course. They think they invented Spider-Man. They never really owned Spider-Man and they never will.

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    Don in Anaheim

    Could Apple just buy Disney? At one point, Apple could buy Disney in cash. Maybe that’s less of a possibility now that Disney bought Fox.

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    I’d rather not get too excited about this, otherwise there could come grave disappointment, but as I’ve always said, I don’t trust Sony Pictures with handling the Spider-Man franchise on their own, as they could end up ruining everything once more, like they did in the past, but we’ll have to keep our eyes open, for any more news that could come ahead of us.

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