Comments for Op-Ed: 7 Issues Walt Disney World must address immediately


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  1. Harley

    I agree whole heartily becky!
    I esp agree w fp+ if it worked w paper fps to have more why not automated? Or go back to paper heck dl still does paper!
    Why cant we choose more than 1 park what happens if families dont go to same park or bc we are annuals get more option bc i might want to hop dang it and i dont want to hear sorry you have to use em here only or wait and by the time i wait fps are gone!
    I think alot of sit down restaurants could use more room and also not rush people out! I like to eat longer than 45mins this is dinner not a race!
    Monorails just need to be taken off line completely and add buses or something like i said on another pg i rather be safe on another route then the monorail decides to go off line w me in it or not.
    I would like to add doing something w das i love they have something w guests w disabilities and i know the runaround wdw gives about abuse but something could be figured out to adjust it! My kids needs are invisible to the naked eye until we are staring at pandora rocks for hrs bc they still wont let us on and believe me ive complained bc i waited longer than they’ve told me. Splash readjusted us in the wrong way too once. I asked management whats up they said “we are busy today”. And we are 2 people and all the other rides let us on so your not that busy lol! Crazy stuff but better than waiting. another great article!

    1. Stan

      Couldn’t agree more with all your suggestions…and I have been on the monorail so many times where we were stuck between stations it’s clear they’re not spending the zillions they make each day on maintenance.

      1. peter Mitros

        Well stated, all the extra $$$s go into Igers wallet!

    2. John cooper

      I aggree with all your comments haveing been to florida 16 times we stopped going to disney 3 trips ago to expensive we do universal still dear but better value more fun and visit floridas coast listen disney shilocks too expensive you reap what you sow

      1. different person

        Me too agree with all your points and i have been at parks when the restaurant made us wait an hour past our ADR to sit when they want us out twenny minutes later so i’ve asked them why do we only get 3 fpps after all those profit can pay for transport maintnance and it should help shorter ride queues

  2. Hiba

    That’s a good point, about the inability to choose FP at other parks when you have park hopper. And for the monorail, you’re so right! We left MK at 7pm sharp one night thinking we’d make our 7:40 shuttle. The line was non-existent for the monorail; however, they decided to test the one in front of us which we weren’t aware of until we had already boarded. We sat and waited for it to start for 30 mins. Then once it did, we stopped and waited 4 or 5 more times. Needless to say, not only did we miss our 740 shuttle, but also our 840 shuttle. By the point we had arrived we decided we just had to get a Lyft bc no way could we wait til 940 for the next one, esp with a 2 yr old.

    1. Harley

      So sorry to hear about this experience!

  3. Nate

    I stopped reading when you said 3 FastPasses per day. Anyone who is at least somewhat familiar with the FP+ system knows better. During my trip this summer, longest line I waited in was 14 minutes and I did a total of 3 attractions without FP+. Used 17 FP+ in MK in one day.

    1. Harley

      I stopped reading your comment and just had to reply when said we were lying fp plus can not allow 17 fps a day its not possible unless you went on an off season no ride at mk would be below 15mins! And i still find that hard to believe. Unless your at dl which still has paper fp then its probable but this is wdw problems dl na.
      So unless you went on an off season and btw you still wait and fps are still limited to 3 thats the system has been for almost 10+ yrs now. I cant see your comment as anything more than a lie. As a past cm you cant past things past me nor true wdw fans we probably know more than disney uppers at this pt!

      1. Lore_sully

        You know you can get additional fastpasses once you are in the park and you have used your first three, right?
        17 is a lot but it’s definitely possible at MK (where a lot of rides have fps) and especially with a party of 1 or 2 people. You can get almost everything you want day of even on the busiest days.

      2. L

        It’s entirely possible if you rope drop and use your allotted fastpasses smartly. You do know you’re allowed to get more once you’ve scanned your 3rd, right? Please consider using correct spelling and grammar, your comments are ridiculous to try and decipher.

    2. Mark

      I stop reading after your lying about 17 fps unless your last trip was 15 yrs ago or more when paper fps existed its not possible esp not at mk! Its been a limit to 3 fps for yrs now and i was a past manager i should know. I dont mean to be rude and call out your lie but it is!

      1. L

        Well, Harley and Mark and clearly the same person.

        1. Jane Doe

          along with John and stan cooper, lol

  4. Virgil

    I appreciate your perspective as always, and I usually agree with most of what you say. I have been a reader for a very long time, but this is my first comment!

    I really can’t argue with most of what you said, but feel like you left off the most egregious issue that they seem to be completely willing to ignore.

    Fix. The. Monorail. Now.

    How does anyone anywhere believe that sinking millions of dollars into the Skyliner, which for the most part benefits (a) only resort guests and (b) only a small percentage of resort guests is a better use of transportation infrastructure funds than fixing the antiquated, dilapidated and quite-literally falling apart monorail fleet? It seems like every year there are nearly a dozen “door falls the eff off the monorail while In use and full of people” stories and videos (!!!) posted on the various Disney sites. I’m not a huge monorail fan, so this isn’t a personal hobby horse of mine. I just can’t fathom how the Disney leadership can keep letting this slide.

    1. Laura

      Completely agree. I figured that would be at the top of this list and it wasn’t mentioned at all.

  5. Chiz Dippler

    Your usage of “the magic” is going way overboard.

    1. Jackie

      If you dont enjoy “the magic” visit another park thats less magical!
      No one needs to be so rude or lying thinking their right!
      Btw becky another great article i always enjoy reading your stuff!

      1. Chiz Dippler

        Are you an adult?

  6. Martin Taylor

    I think the old fast pass system was better with the paper slips , now you have to know where you will be all the time , it was better when it was a lot more easy going , now everyone going to WDW in our party has to gather round the tablet & all decide how our day will pan out

    1. Mark

      With the paper pass there was proof…
      Now i see people fighting w cms i know i have a fp no you have that ride listed under your app bc you were going there etc. Expecting cms to humor you paper you showed up and were let in! Also now your even 5 mins late forget it unless you seriously have a valid excuse or sorry not allowing it.

    2. Laura

      I get what you’re saying to a point, but with the paper fps you had to walk all the way to an attraction, get your fp, then walk back to wherever you were heading, then walk all the way back to it again later. There was one day we walked into the Land 4 times because of having to get a fp for Soarin’, then using it later, and then doing the same this with Living with the Land. booking fp+ gets rid of a lot of the unnecessary back and forth walking, which I much prefer.

    3. Laura

      Though I will say one nice “perk” about paper fp was being able to hand them out to someone else if it turns out you wouldn’t be able to ride. We were pixie dusted that way once or twice.

      1. Mark

        You could also watch the timeframe and grab more than 1 at a time which you cant do on fp+ you have these insanely stupid time blocks!

  7. Allen

    Many years ago I loved the monorail. From what I have read in the last coupla years, the monorail doesn’t need maintenance, it needs replacement. I know it will be a big project, but it is time.

  8. Good list!

    Two more things that I think Disney could and should fix quickly:

    1) Let FastPass+ windows overlap. We can easily make it to adjacent rides like Soarin’ and Living with the Land in the same hour, but Disney won’t let us book them close together.

    2) Install more benches. I get that Disney doesn’t want to impede foot traffic in major promenades, but there are plenty of nooks and crannies around the parks where benches would be a safe and welcome addition for weary guests.

    1. Laura

      PREACH on your second point! We just got back and the lack of benches and SHADE is ridiculous. It’s central Florida, you can prepare all you want for heat and humidity, but you can’t pack your own bench and your own tree to sit under. Once upon a time, benches were everywhere. Now, any benches that are left and always full of people (because there are so few) or if they are empty it’s because they are in the hot sun. They are ripping out trees left and right for “improvements” with no replacements. That canopy over pin central at Epcot- they need more of that all over the property. Toy Story Land is like a desert, do not go there middle of the day, what a joke. They’ve gone and stuck umpteen benches in the smoking areas, which is kind of a slap in the face to everyone else in my opinion (don’t get me started on the fact that at MK, they’ve made an entire bus station have their guests have to walk right through the center of the smoking area to get to security). But that smoking area had at least 2 dozens benches, most of which were empty, but very few in the park, and even fewer in the shade. Would it kill Disney to add more benches and shade? Those canopies provide ample amounts of shade throughout the day and have an extremely small footprint- they could easily be installed over walkways everywhere. And they are batting .000 on misting/cooling stations too. Places like SeaWorld and Dollywood are running circles around Disney in this regard- they have huge and multiple misting stations all over for people to cool off. The one misting station we knew of at Epcot was turned off and closed when we were just there. The only one I know of at MK is the splash area (which was open but some grown ups don’t want to get soaked, just misted), we saw none at HS, and only one at AK. Again, these could be put in many places with a very small footprint but have a big impact. Put more benches and more shade and misting. You often an’t even duck into an eatery to cool off ,as tables are all full. I’m shocked Disney doesn’t have more reports of guests with heat stroke/exhaustion.

  9. Ryan

    After you have done your 3 fast passes for the day, you can then select another. You definitely are not limited to 3 FP a day but you can only have 3 queued up before entering the park. After your last one, you can select another, even in another park.

    1. Jackie

      By that time most experiences worth choosing though are gone! And you still cant hop! Or have families split!
      I dont want to add to the nightmare das is that probably doesnt help fp line or #s not my fault we cant use a alt entrance anymore bc 5 people limit meant a family reunion of 20 to some people!

      1. Laura

        But it allows you to pick something you might be right next to and skip the line. Say you just used your 3rd fp on 7DMT, you’re right near Winnie the Pooh or Little Mermaid, both of which can get long and usually have same day fp remaining, so you can skip the line that way. That’s what we do anyway, see what’s near us and just take a fp if it’s available. If you expect that all the big rides are going to have fp still available, that’s extremely unlikely and not the right mindset to use the system to your full advantage.

  10. Melanie K Lowe

    They keep increasing parking because they want people using their transportation system. I’m not one of those people who likes waiting around for and being crammed on a bus or boat though and clearly they’re having problems with their monorails.

    1. Bill Bo B

      The buses at park closing time are 87% sulfur water induced flatulence and 2% oxygen.
      We already pay extra renting a car to avoid that, now we have to pay more to park our f@rt free car. hmmph

  11. Jeff

    Actually EPCOT’s Soarin hasn’t had the smell of oranges for over 3 years now. They took that away when they changed to ‘Soarin around the world’. Now you get to smell African dust, India’s roses, and something over Tahiti. Thankfully Disneyland is going back to ‘Soarin over California’.
    Speaking of the monorail it broke down last week stranding about 90 people for over an hour. They had to be evacuated via fire department ladders. They aren’t doing maintenance during the day, they just don’t run it as a cost saving measure by having employees work shorter hours to man it while making visitors take the ferryboats.

    1. Laura

      I wish for Soarin’ they would have multiple options, like Star Tours. Keep the OG California, have the new around the world, and they could add in even more. Like a full tour of the US, other country-centric options, and you don’t know which you’ll get until you ride. I hope they keep the original permanent at DCA, it was the best!

    2. Jeff

      At DL going back to Soaring Over California was only temporary…

    3. Nachtwulf

      I THINK the explanation I heard someone give is that they have an entirely new monorail fleet being built but it’s not done yet (and won’t be for awhile), and the reason they’re stingy-ing on fixing the extant monorails is they don’t want to waste money on something they’re going to be replacing soon.

      That said, they sure do sound like they’re on their last legs, which really isn’t the best thing to be the first experience a lot of guests have at the park.

  12. Carole Ladson

    Cinderella’s suite is 100% real. My son won the grand prize in 2008 year of a million dreams. It is as fantastic as you think.

    1. Linda

      My son works at Disney so I’m not even allowed to enter! I will just have to look at pictures. ?

  13. Goo-fay!

    They need to completely overhaul the entire current Fastpass system. The paper FP system worked better. A person had to physically go to wherever they wanted to go and get a pass (usually available same-day).
    Now you have to practically plan where you are going at what time of day weeks and months in advance. How do I know how my feet are going to feel at 4pm 8 weeks from now? Going to the park, wandering and enjoying and hitting whatever rides you want to while walking around is gone.
    I get it, crowd control, but really, the current FP system is completely screwing up the lines everywhere. I used to go all the time. Small World NEVER had a line longer than 10 minutes. Now, thanks to it being a level 3 or whatever FP, people are taking it because that’s all that’s left to pick from the night before and the line is now 40 minutes?! Haunted Mansion had one of the best queues. Never more than a 10-20 wait (now 40 minutes?!)
    Fastpass is adding hundreds of people in front of hundreds of people every hour. It is truly ridiculous.
    Also, I miss Mickey and Minnie and all the other characters just wandering the park like they used and taking pictures. Now I have to wait 30 minutes just to get picture with Snow White. What is that about? Sheesh.

    1. Laura

      I agree about the character lines being crazy long. We just got back and easily the longest lines we ran into were for characters, and having kids of that age, we stood awhile in many of them that we couldn’t meet at a meal or didn’t have fp. I am ALL about giving each family/child that special attention, that’s part of what makes it magical, but that of course makes the lines long. For those indoor meets, have multiple rooms that you get ushered into so the line goes a bit faster. But I am certainly not advocating for removal of the photopass photographers in favor of those ridiculous box cameras that give you garbage photos (IF they even make it to your account). Those meet and greets are special (we had 30 photos of meeting Joy and Sadness, so awesome) but there must be a way to make the process go a bit faster. For example, Joy and Sadness meet in a VERY large space that could easily be split into two and close the doors, that would cut the time in half, same for Moana at the Halloween party For roaming characters, we met the Country Bears who had no lines at all, which was a fun surprise. We went to the Halloween party and they had some “roaming” characters, but they wouldn’t even stop for a photo and definitely no autographs, so that’s a catch 22.

      I don’t agree as much about the paper fastpasses being better. I disliked having to walk to the same place multiple time to pick up a fp then go abck and use it later. If you plan as best you can, whatever fp you get, hang out in that area and do other things around your fp timeframe and avoid all that extra back and forth walking.

    2. Harley

      Great points and i agree to all.

  14. Taylor

    I personally dont agree with the allowance of different fastpasses to different parks in the same day. Before you had to be at the park and at the ride just to get a fastpass. I liked that system a lot better then the way it is now. I understand the convenience for people pre-planning trips. But what about the people who are there for the day.

  15. Michelle Tribble

    I will continue to ask for a walking path from MK to TTC . . . that is the only park in Central Florida where you can’t walk to your car. For us local AP’s sometimes we just go after work, and having to wait 1+ hours to board overcrowded monorails or ferryboats just to get to our car is ridiculous – it’s 1.5 mile walk that’s about 30 minutes or less if you are a slow walker.

    1. Laura

      I always found the ferryboat to be faster and more efficient. We stayed at the Polynesian way back when and our room was much closer to the ferry than the monorail so we took it every time we did MK. With the pathway being built between MK and the GF, it might be possible to take that and walk all the way to the TTC via the GF and the Poly, but would that really save you any time in the end? There would be no way to put a pathway in on the Contemporary side, not with the underpass.

    2. The Bryan

      That’s in the works right now! The new walking path from MK to the Grand Floridian is currently under construction, and the rest of the way is already walkable. The existing pathways through the Polynesian are nice and scenic, too!

  16. Mickey

    I have gotten about 10 fp+ before in MK during the crowded season. It’s doable. Mark, what you’re forgetting is that not everyone is trying to get a fastpass for thrill rides. I’m MK, out of the 4, I’ve only been on 2. I haven’t tried 7DMT yet. I haven’t ridden in Splash for many years now, and I never will try Space. As for park hopping, you can get another fp there after you use your first 3. The paper fp that you used to get we’re annoying because you would have to walk to the attraction then backtrack to where you were going so it added up to far more walking and crisscrossing a park in a day. Not easy to do if you have young kids in your party.

    As for the maintenance of transportation, when are they supposed to do it when the parks are open so late? I have been on the monorail before when it stopped but for only 15-30 mins. This still is one of my favorite transportation modes however. Resort parking fees should never have been introduced especially if you stay at a value resort since you’re staying there to save money. Unless you’re a day guest, you don’t get charged a parking fee, so I don’t see why so many are complaining. There are a ton of people who stay on-site or are AP holders. I personally would not pay to park in preferred parking because it’s not as close as you think to the gates.

    The one thing that Disney should fix is their cleanliness of the parks. I haven’t been to them since early 2018, but MK, in particular, from 2017-2018, was not cleaned. It seemed to be late afternoon and night that were the worst. The pavement was full of sticky spills and trash everywhere on the ground. I was unpleasantly surprised because it was never like that before. I know this because I had been to Disney 20+ times before then. The other thing that was alarming (to me, at least) was the amount of people who were openly swearing using the f bomb, etc and obscene (dirty) pictures on their clothing in the MK and elsewhere. This is after all a family venue and that shouldn’t be tolerated or allowed there. The other thing that annoyed me was the amount of people who were physically pushing their way to get to somewhere else in the parks. Even if you tried to move over, they still pushed you and at times, would move behind you again and push you again. You didn’t know any of these people either. If it wasn’t that, it was people who were trying to run you over with strollers and ECVs. This happened at all the parks and the TTC multiple of times and at times in the same day. There was room and space for them to go around us because it was an almost empty walkway.

  17. elishia bakle

    I am fine with the 3 fast passes per day. But I do like your suggestion of being able to use them at multiple parks. Since we can now park at Epcot I don’t use the monorail that much. Parking fees I get it but at least we don’t have to pay parking and resort fees like some hotels in the area. Maybe tours of the Cinderella’s suite when it’s not in use , that would definitely please my curiosity. Good suggestions!

  18. Mickey

    Another thing that Disney should fix is to stop taking away the experiences and attractions that people love! t appears that Disney wants to market their attractions and shows for the thrill – seekers now instead of everyone. Not all people are into thrills or roller coasters. Disney has taken away a lot of my favorite rides, shows, parades, and nighttime experiences that I loved just within the past 5 years. I’m Hollywood Studios alone, I can count 10 things that they’ve taken away that I have loved and still miss today. If Epcot changes more over in Future World (more than what has been published), they should offer a World Showcase only ticket option, as I will bypass the new lands. Unless the Moana attraction has a meet and greet, people aren’t going to like it that well, especially since,, that is why people are asking and begging Disney to get a permanent meet and greet with her. I love Figment and like the Land and Seas pavilions. If they take away this, then I would only want to go to the World Showcase as the only other two rides that I like are Test Track and (the now)Spaceship Earth. Hopefully, Club Cool and the character meet and greets get a new permanent location. Those were two other attractions that I loved.

  19. Mark

    Whomever was dumb enough to say i was the same as harley is far from truth! I do not even know whom he or she is? Sometimes like here we agree but we have also disagreed. Its a persons personal feelings and opinion!
    Sorry its worded so much the same we must have posted at same time or i wouldnt have typed my post!
    I mostly dont unless i have something to say!
    Harley seems to care more about wdw and has alot of history and i can careless bc i was a ent manager whom moved away just bc the situation sucks. My heart truly belongs to hershey. But i have to come back on occasion bc i am adopted parent to a daughter whom loves her star wars and princesses! But i am still allowed my opinion even if it sounds similar to someone else.

  20. Daniell

    Please also allow single rider lines at the Magic Kingdom!!!

  21. The Bryan

    There actually already is a way to pay more and get advance FastPasses in different parks: If you’re staying in Club Level at one of the WDW Deluxe Resorts and already have a Park Hopper ticket, you can purchase an additional 3 FastPasses, and the 6 total FPs can be at different parks. Plus your 6 FPs are not tier-restricted, and you can get them 90 days in advance (instead of the usual 60 days). It’s pricey, though, at an additional $150 per person for the minimum 3 days!

    1. billybel

      It’s $50 per day per person. All people in that Club Level room need to purchase it (Dining Plan style). They must already have at minimum a 3-day park ticket or APs. They’ll receive:
      90 day booking window.
      Ability to use the additional 3 FPs in another park (if they have hopper tickets) and are not restricted by tiers.
      Plus, a preferred view of a night show every day.

      One of the cheapest Club Level rooms is at the new Gran Destino in Coronado Springs. Check it out!

  22. Coral

    All “routine” maintenance for monorails happens during non operating hours.. any maintenance checks during the day are because something broke and they are making sure it’s safe for guests!

  23. Dave

    Totally agree on the parking costs. Charging at the resorts is a slap in the face to your guests.

    In terms of Passholders not being able to buy discounted tickets for guests- I can understand why Disney world not do that. It would lead to some enterprising people getting an annual pass and then – for a fee buying discount tickets. Disney would lose money and then “get it back” by raising prices for everyone else.

    Also, the Castle dining room is probably at max. I am sure if they could expand it they would.

    Great points overall

  24. Dave

    Totally agree on the parking costs. Charging at the resorts is a slap in the face to your guests.

    In terms of Passholders not being able to buy discounted tickets for guests- I can understand why Disney world not do that. It would lead to some enterprising people getting an annual pass and then – for a fee buying discount tickets. Disney would lose money and then “get it back” by raising prices for everyone else.

    Also, the Castle dining room is probably at max. I am sure if they could expand it they would.

    Great points overall

  25. Jennifer

    Absolutely agree with number 2. As a new annual
    Pass holder with hopper privileges it would be nice to fast pass in multiple parks each day. I think the fact that don’t let you is an attempt at crowd control, which probably does work well. It confines you to one park per day BUT then why the park hopper push ? As far as parking fees go, yes, a cash cow but I don’t think it’s so much about making money as trying to figure how to lessen traffic on Disney roadways. I think it’s their attempt to encourage visitors to use magic express & Disney free transportation. I think they are desperately trying to figure out how to lessen congestion. Notice the the newest form of transportation they added, the skyliner, gets visitors off the roadways.

  26. Paige

    Cast member here. we dont even get 20% for friends and family tickets. Why should passholders?

  27. Harley

    I have to add why are making resevations for sit down for months in advance for a certain time to now wait almost 45mins+??? I get restaurants get backed up but then do not make it my fault… i got here 15 mins ahead for fear you give my reservation away or now charge $40+ bc i missed the reservation. But you can not have me sit on time???
    Then you rush me out in that same 45 bracket and get annoyed i am still sitting its like i want to enjoy my lunch/dinner why i paid to sit down and not go to quick serve so sorry!

  28. FionaB

    I find it so strange that the US parks don’t allow passholders to get discounted tickets for friends and family! I have an annual pass for Disneyland Paris and I can get 10 1-day tickets per year at better than 50% off gate price! What’s the point of being a passholder if your friends can’t afford to go?

    As an autistic person I am happy with the 130 capacity of Cinderella’s Royal Table – it’s one of the places I know I can dine without being too crammed in. It adds to the exclusivity of the experience and while I know others may have issues getting reservations, I have personally not struggled as long as I’ve done it when reservations open.

    The Cinderella Suite will never be an option that people can buy for a price as that wasn’t the point of the suite. It was always supposed to be that no matter your income you should have equal opportunity to win a stay there. That was Walt’s idea for it, and while I agree there should definitely be a lot more opportunities to win, I don’t agree they should be able to charge for it.

    The Sleeping Beauty Suite in the Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris can cost £23k per night and I’ve never known of a competition to get to stay there. I’d hate for that to happen with the Cinderella Suite in Disney World.

  29. Bert Hooks

    I completely agree. My ‘favorite’ pet peeve is the monorail. I go out there at least once a month and more than a few times, the monorail is down at CLOSING TIME. Seriously? It shows me that they don’t really care about the whole guest experience. It’s like they are saying ‘we’ve got your money now getting home is for you to figure out’.

  30. Patrick Bare

    Disney sells their experiences broadly under the term “Dreams” but it’s a sham as no one dreams to stand in line (because they sell more than the park can handle), to eat on a trash can (because they don’t have enough tables), to sweat in the Florida sun (because they don’t have enough shade), etc. It’s just profit-hungry MBAs with their spreadsheets trying to eek out another quarter of growth. No magic or dreams there. It’s purely for profit and profit only. Heck, their own employees had to fight to get a living wage!

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