Meet Pixar Legend John Ratzenberger coming to Florida convention Fantasm this October

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John Ratzenberger and Disney characters

While some may recognize Mr. Ratzenberger from days as Cliff Claven (“Cheers”), the actor’s voice can be found in every Pixar feature film. This October, fans will have an incredibly rare chance to meet this talented actor.

Mack, Hamm, P.T. Flea, and Yeti are just a few of the Disney-Pixar characters voiced by this celebrity. In addition to Disney animation, Mr. Ratzenberger appears in several television shows and even a beloved space saga!

John Ratzenberger Fantasm 2019

Cliff Claven may have put John Ratzenberger on the actor’s map, but he was making movie appearances long before joining the cast of “Cheers.” Some might recognize a certain Rebel Force officer from “Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.” Major Derlin even got his own action figure.

Man doll wearing a brown uniform and gun

John Ratzenberger Pixar performances

Of course, Disney die-hards know that John Ratzenberger contributed to every Disney-Pixar major motion picture (and a few video games too).

John Ratzenberger Mustafa

John Ratzenberger Hamm

Vocalizing such a diverse range of personalities is quite an accomplishment. Pixar characters include:

  • Hamm (all four “Toy Story” movies)
  • T. Flea (“A Bug’s Life”)
  • Yeti (“Monsters Inc.” “Monsters University”)
  • Fish School (“Finding Nemo”)
  • Underminer (“The Incredibles” “The Incredibles2”)
  • Mack (“Cars,” “Cars2,” “Cars3”)
  • Mustafa (“Ratatouille”)
  • John (“Wall*E”)
  • Construction Forman (“Up”)
  • Gordon (“Brave”)
  • Fritz (“Inside Out”)
  • Earl (“The Good Dinosaur”)
  • Husband Crab (“Finding Dory”)

Additional Disney roles will include voice work for “Onward” and “Soul.” Additionally, Yeti returns as part of the Disney+ series “Monsters at Work” (currently in production).

John Ratzenberger Monsters At Work

Meet Mr. Ratzenberber

This October, John Ratzenberger joins the celebrity line up at Fantasm Orlando. This rare Florida appearance is the perfect opportunity for fans to meet such a talented actor.

John Ratzenberger

Fantasm is a new horror and haunt convention coming to the Rosen Shingle Creek October 11-13. You might ask, “Why is a Disney star appearing at a horror convention?” Back in 1987, Mr. Ratzenberger portrayed the role of the swashbuckling electrician & adventurer, Bill Towner, in the horror sequel “House II: The Second Story.” He also enjoyed an appearance in the television series “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” (as Santa Claus).

House II

John joins guests Michel Berryman (“The Hills Have Eyes”), Naomi Grossman (“American Horror Story”), Marty Grabstein (“Courage the Cowardly Dog”) and a reunion of cast members from “The Return of the Living Dead” among many others. This freshman fear fest also includes off-Broadway horror-themed entertainment, tattoo artists, vendors and a Creature Call Costume Contest.  Find all the dark details and ticket information on their website and Facebook page.

Fantasm Orlando poster

Source and images: iMDB, Fantasm Orlando website and Facebook page

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