Comments for Jack Skellington Sipper drops in at Disneyland for Halloween

Jack Skellington

Credit: Bailee Abell/ ITM


  1. Harley

    I love to see nightmare getting the love it deserves and i love the pumpkin king but $22 is alot for a sipper aka the room for the drink is oddly what you see (think orange bird thing at f&g but you can get refills probably are norm $$ for it too) and this seems quite awkward to be carrying around. My 2 cents but its still cool though!

  2. Jackie

    If this top which looks top heavy as much as the ob cup during flowers let me heads up dl its a pain! It doesnt stay on and doesnt have enough space! So it will be good for novelty but not use 24/7! Btw ob cup your refilling before you drank anything from it thats at home imagine the disney refill price!

  3. Daniel

    So bummed that it sadly wont be coming to us on the east coast (atleast not yet), we’ll probably get it in a few years sadly like what usually happens

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