Comments for For $600, you can buy Heidi Klum’s designer Disney ears

Klum Designer Ears

Credit: Heidi Klum


  1. Harley

    And i thought disney prices were high enough! Btw no one is going to wear those the pt of ears is to wear em not keep em in collective boxes i am sorry besides their ugly! Who would pay $600 for clunky ears like that!? Not your average park guest! See you at the outlet malls in a few months w the rest of the fancy ears, bags, and dresses which proves no one buys em at regular price.

  2. Disneyfan for life

    What a complete lack of self awareness on both Disney and Heidi’s part. $600?? They are not Chanel. They are not even completely covered in Swarovski crystals. Wearing this would be an embarrassment and a testament to my foolishness. No way. Surprise, surprise, (not) less than 500 made and still in stock a few days later

  3. Preston

    I’m a bit surprised that the Disney company thought this was a good idea. Most families, single mom/dads save for a year or more for a Disney vacation. This is called “living in a bubble“.

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