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Haunted Mansion Hot Topic

Credit: Hot Topic


  1. Jackie

    Dont want to break it to you but its only sally bc of the dumb queue the orginal tightrope gal name was lilian…. is hm now like star wars the legacy walt and his team created stories for are dead bc of a reimagined queue and that now cannon its really silly! Honestly all true hm fans call her lilian or tightrope ballerina!

    1. Harley

      Great comparison i learned though true hm fans love the stories and dont care they have the stories they believe. Its like little leota not may people care about her but yet everyone knows hurry back and the end of the ride! Actually to me when it comes to story DLP and phantom manor has an amazing story!

      1. Mark

        Besides what comments you gals made i have to add that hot topic isnt saving any money its still a nice penny there vs if it be at a target or somerhing!

  2. Melanie Durham

    I love these

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