Comments for School bans Harry Potter books in fear of students “conjuring evil spirits”

Harry Potter

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    If you have evil spirits thats a call to get a paranormal group involved and spirits are always going to be there good or bad the kids arent calling them its called limbo/ purgatory and lost spirits its not bc of harry potter books OMG!

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    Sure … Ban all the Harry Potter books, but how about teaching the kids the harsh reality of the TRUE evil of the REAL world! I attended Catholic school for elementary and middle school, now that I’m a parent I wouldn’t waste my money. SMH

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      I wouldnt be blaming catholic schools i feel my kid is safer at a catholic school and they teach and pray for everything going on in the world! There are radical christian groups are out there and yes they would ban books to the pt its Fahrenheit 51 again but my kids school not only has potter but a whole section for theology studies and religions of the world including wicca. I know alot of people that are christian and wicca so dont just throw religion into this just bc the school did and call us radical… catholics are more open then others!

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    Melanie Durham

    Omg! 😂🤣

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