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  1. Jackie

    Dark details = cupcake?
    Besides this is an article all about merch you already did and isnt any details of the event or bts and honestly whats w the cupcake???
    ITM i love you and your writers but whats w all the repeative articles i feel like i am reading buzzfeed or watching a youtube video that film the same thing on another day and its titled something different… is it just me ???
    I am trying to be positive and help out not be negative in any way. This is just how i feel! Bc i know i keep feeling like i am repeating the same comments everywhere! Sorry again big fan just a cupcake = dark hhn details talk about hhn going pg.

    1. Harley

      I thought same when i saw the cupcake there to me the scarier are the burnt sweet potato fries that people are eating!
      Btw they added another day on a monday in oct- 21!
      Though i like this article about merch they did good this yr. Unfortunately they forgot the creature in the display again!

  2. Mark

    Theres nothing dark about hhn!
    You cant get scary if you just ask whats your favorite horror movie?
    You want real scary go to HOS! The scarezones even are scary they have people in their bushes they even have bungees in the bushes!!!! It freaked me and my kid out so much.
    The houses though only 1 new are all originals that never go out of style. All there amazing icons are waiting outside to kill i mean greet you…
    HOS might be 1-2hr away but if you want scary fun stay at hhn if you want scary go to HOS!

    1. Harley

      This “bad twin” thanks you for your complement but scarlett wants your eyes and mama wants to just (i dont think i can type that here) ?

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