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  1. TimG

    I hope they retire these overpriced subscription boxes at a Disney outlet store. Highly collectible is way overrated.

    1. Wwal

      Why do you provide the price monthly if that is not the price one will pay? Very deceitful.

    2. Harley

      Most overly priced things make it in time to the outlets… spirit jerseys, some collectibles, moving merch, anniversary merch, dresses & stuff that just doesnt get sold ironically though if you wait the outlets are steals in comparision… though i guess buying it 50-75% off orginal esp disney $$$ is a steal!
      I love how they say adults will love these too bc disney merch stops for kids at size 10… my kid is still a kid and has been wearing adult sizes in wdw merch for a while!

  2. WB

    Why do you provide the price per month if it wants a one time payment of everything up front? Very deceitful.

  3. Lake

    I agree WB I wish they made items affordable for ALL Disney fanatics. If they give a monthly price then that should mean you pay monthly and not one lump sum.

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