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George Lucas and Bob Iger

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  1. Shari

    Well, it seems to me that Lucas at least had a plan. I don’t think the same can be said for Disney’s trilogy which obviously took a completely different direction after the first movie, The Force Awakens.
    I wouldn’t have minded at least seeing what his ideas were but I guess that could also be depressing If they are better than what we’ve been given so far.

  2. TimG

    It should never be in the “new direction” that all major Original Trilogy characters be killed. This killed the franchise. Enjoy the fate you created. RIP Star Wars. The next movie is an epilogue. Rise of Skywalker from the grave.

  3. Harley

    Its funny how lucas says new star wars failed star wars but he made the prequels no one liked and many fans think of as a sin!
    Though also interviews gives credit to the new direction and said he would have let luke go too maybe not in same way but still.
    So who knows what to believe i enjoy it for what it is sci fi stuff! Its just movies w a crazy fandom but most of us just enjoy it while others live by it… hate to break…
    Its not reality too many take it as such and thats sad but in a way the character flaws and finding strength in whom they are is something more people should learn bc thats being human and thats hope right there or to a fan the force!
    Btw anyone looking for an insight to batuu read the book aka vi’s story this writer should have been in charge of the recent screenplays she paints a picture that even if you never visit swge you feel the experience and has a vision you can sense her love for expanding our experiences beyond the star wars we know! I know many whom had a eh visit to batuu but loved the book and it open there eyes to a different side of the love of star wars!

    1. Rebel porg

      To add to your pt the only good thing about batuu to me is porgs and vi…
      But i read the book 3 times in a row its awesome and paints a picture batuu desperately needed and intros to people and places etc. This book should have came out prior to opening many might have love it! I agree she paints an amazing picture i wish she was screenplay for new movies.
      I love it bc its the blend of old and new people complain isnt at batuu and isnt in the new movies!
      I also dont get the aggressive fandom sometimes like you said not real its flawed but very human! Not many people get too much to heart lots of fights! Lucas jumps around alot he never stays in the same place what he believes. Like right now hes a fan of swge and the new movies and obviously said he wasnt or this article wouldnt have been written… its so confusing! But i agree w your pts!

  4. David Bird

    I think Disney failed in the whole process. Lucas had a vision for the story and not the amount of money to be made. I still don’t understand why they wouldn’t have continued the REAL story that the original author had penned. Hubris is a tough thing to break.

  5. David

    It is one thing to tweak the story, but to go in an entirely different direction is upsurge. Besides the social commentary evident in Disney
    s input in several movies, a lot of the scenes didn’t make sense or were prolonged and disjointed. JJ ruined Star Trek (I am a Star Trek fan not really a Star Wars one), again ignoring other movies and series and rewriting Cannon.

  6. Jan Anderegg

    Considering I just read how the new Star Wars land is underwhelming everyone… perhaps they should have listened to Lucas and followed his story lines. I loved the originals. Didn’t care as much for the ones Disney made especially after they killed off all the main characters. Dumb move. Don’t forget, if people want to see sad and pointless stories where everyone dies, they only have to turn on the evening news.

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