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Disney Dream Ship

Credit: Disney Cruise Line


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    This would be so great! I am entering now!

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      It would be so wonderful to win a Disney cruise line for me and my little family!!

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    Pam Lasante

    Love to cruise would love to try the Disney ships

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      It would be so wonderful to win a Disney cruise line for me and my little family!

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    That would be a treat for my grand kids

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    The cruise would be great for me and my grand kids

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    Would love to try a Disney Cruise!

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    Laurie Carey

    I have never been on a Disney cruise! This would be a lifetime dream come true ! I helped open Walt Disney World in Orlando in 1971 at the contemporary hotel ! I ended up marrying a manager of the Polynesian hotel ! I have wonderful memories of Disney World And would love to experience a Disney cruise with my grandchildren !!!

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    betty conine

    We’ve never cruised and think a magical cruise and Disney private island would be the greatest for a first!

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    Venus Vargas

    we love to try a Disney Cruise to the Private Island, If it stiil is there?

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    I hope I win the sweepstakes to Disney always wanted to go since I was younger. My grandma saved up money for me and my brother and sister to go and she gave the money to my mom which is her daughter and my mom just let her husband buy some new rims for his car šŸ˜‘ so fingers crossed for this one šŸ¤žšŸ½

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    Sandra Tuplin

    I’m an adult but I would love to win a strip on a Disney Cruise.

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    Sandra Tuplin

    I’ve never been on a cruise but I definitely would choose a Disney Cruise if I had my choice.

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    I would like to win the cruise,I’ve never been on one,we adopted a 1 year old in our 50s how fun this would be for her.

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