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  1. Debi

    I think bob iger should take some cuts to his pay!! I can only guess that Mr Walt Disney is rolling over in his grave at the park price increases and entertainment cancellations so that bob iger can make millions of dollars a year!!! Stop the INSANITY bob!!!!!

    1. Alicia

      Why do corporate raises follow or happen when the general public/consumer takes a HUGE loss?!?! The upper management should plan a trip as a true Disney fan would and perhaps they would understand what we have to decide on WANTING to do and being able to AFFORD. They are on track to losing the heart of the company-the ones who grew up with Walt Disney and want to share and remember the magic not relinguish our hard earned money and feeling cheated.

  2. Harley

    I love disney ent and nothing aganist this thought but alot of these are outdoors in very hot places you know how many people comllain about shade…. think about the ent cms that have to preform in these non shaded areas! They also have managers etc watching these shows they have fans but enough to keep em??? Also they arent main shows and arent meant to stay!
    I am sure wdw will find a place for these ent people and they arent fired they move on too and disney just announces the show closes… you never know whats going on behind the scenes! Ent is also equity and they get different pay.
    I know its upsetting but wdw probably looks at #s these shows again are outdoors and if your looking for shade folks your not going to melt to watch shows.
    Though the only 1 i am feeling pain from is rivers they take away the shamans then ruin the show! Lion king nor the other movie clips belong there N we are one but we cut the whole song which is basically the whole theme of the show!? Werid honestly but it lost one of the only true fans it had left and i heard its not doing good. Wouldnt be suprised they fix it or go forbid cut it! Sad!

    1. Jackie

      Exactly harley half these shows are out in the heat of the day which isnt safe for preformer or guest and these are minor things while loved arent permeate reason why they are outside in the elements and doesnt have perimnate spot!
      They were always meant to be short lived and be able to be changed!
      I also heard rumors muppets might go inside hop or they bring the puppets over to studios and do a show instead of 3D thing.
      So you just never know!
      But i agree rivers was amazingly in spring and different which was dak stands for! We are one is an awesome dynamic song. Thats chopped in more than half its now just an insult to its fans if any are truly left and looks like everything else at the parks- world of color could have characters bc its about the characters… rivers didnt bc its about nature and the animals no its the same wdw ip trash! So sad it was a beautiful show!

  3. Lori Taylor

    My husband and I are time share owners and Disney is a big part of our vacation plans.
    I love the Main Street performers and have taken almost as many pictures of them as I have the movie characters.
    Finding the little side shows are what add the magic to the park.
    Every day we were at a park we would stop at the customer service area and compliment a cast member who’d been awesome to us. And it wasn’t hard to find one either!

  4. Bill

    I once was a Disney annual pass hold with my wife. I was a truck driver that would load my kids and then my grandkids up in the truck and make special trip to Disney world at least 7 to 10 times a year. Disney now has made it to where I can’t bring the rest of the grandkids and now 2 new great grand kids there. At the price for hotels, paying to park at their hotels, tickets and cutting all the fun entertainment it’s just not the happiest place on earth any more.
    If walt could see what’s happening to his dream I bet he would turn in his grave.
    Thumbs down to Disney
    As they say it’s a mouse with a big people trap

  5. Joanne Mille

    Why is DisneyWorld buying paid ads on FOX? So much for “It’s a Small World” message.

  6. Walt Disney is crying in Heaven. Remember that everytime it rains on a Disney property.

  7. Jennifer

    The entertainment that Disney provides is one of the things that sets it apart from other parks. We are DVC owners as we have loved Disney all our lives and while we have seen shows come and go, there was always something that replaced the ones that go. But lately more and more of these pieces of magic goes without new magic replacing it. It is sad, hopefully once they finish all the construction (which we know is why the cuts are being done, as well as the bottom line) we will see the magic coming back.

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