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Women in Disney

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  1. Harley

    I unforunately think all cms esp behind the scenes cm are under valued and yes many happen to be women… my kid and i for art project are using imagineering a box through khan academy and wdi! Theres alot of great women behind many of the latest experience esp pandora and batuu that i doubt unless you catch this really cool free online course or wdw blogs they really are recognized but i am sure others do too! I think it brings a great theme park vs amusement park theory into this and how many creative people are in the background as well as the for front we see and thats why its a theme park!
    Which then also adds into the pay situation i honestly think some work there for the love of the parks and work experience (i know i did back in the day) your def not working there for the pay!

    1. Mark

      Omg i agree so many people dont understand what goes into half these experiences its easy to love/hate opinion etc. In the end or complain whats taking so long?!
      Take a step back and look around next time and just look even at the small detail to the largest and realze wow this was a tremendous amount of story and progress to get here! Weather you do the project on imagineering in the box or not just watching the videos or going to art fest during a wdi seminar it blows your mind how much they do!
      And they are so like you say harley they are the cms that get lack of love they def deserve bc the other cms wouldnt even have jobs wo the experience first! And within that many of the recent experiences like you mentioned were women led but not given the true credit. But Bravo to them all! Bc we wouldnt have a park wo wdi!

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