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House of Mouse

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  1. Jasmine Dillard

    Yes and they should bring back goof troop too! Goofy is my most favorite Disney character ever and I miss Maxie! They need to bring him back!

  2. Stacy Martin

    This is one of my favorite s to watch. I do not like the new versions of Mickey at all.

  3. Abraham Sussman

    Like Ducktales, I’d love to see the premiss brought up to date and greatly expanded. With more interaction between different characters.

  4. Laura

    they should incorporate this idea in some fashion into the new DuckTales. they have brought in every other Disney Afternoon franchise (or plan to) and it is extremely well-done. my 90s self is very satisfied with that series. and doing it in one series and one universe is just the right amount. i don’t need a reboot of everything individually.

  5. I’d actually love this to return. It can feature current animated characters, including (maybe) the Pixar characters. But if it becomes an outlet to bring Oswald and Roger Rabbit back, I’d totally want that.

  6. Harley

    This n DTV were my childhood love to see it back maybe even a totally minnie reboot.

  7. Jackie

    Yes! I loved this show.

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