Comments for Disney might have more plans for Epcot beyond current changes

epcot walt disney world concept art

Credit: Disney


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    Matt Brewster

    What was the point of this so-called article? We all know what rumors are.

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      I agree i dont know why itm repeats same articles all the time now theres quizzes or click bait article etc. I feel like i am on a tacky buzzfeed type of website!
      Just give us info!
      Epcot is supose to change we got that!
      Wdw is always going to evolve and build bc they want to keep bringing you back and say we got something new! Theres no reason to have a article or all of use to comment our feelings and beat a dead horse as the saying goes. I love itm but sometimes i just feel bad for the writer whom are constantly tasked to rewrite each others articles and now its new again. At least try that a yr later not only a month later!

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