Comments for Church leader allegedly embezzled money for Disney Club 33 membership

club 33 disney

Credit: Disney


  1. Crazy Joe

    FYI… this is a cult, not a church

    1. Carl Parsons

      Thank you and you are correct.

      “Christian Science” is neither Christian, nor is it Science. It was founded by Mary Baker Eddy in the 1800’s and rejects physical existence, believing in “divine healing” by denying reality. She partook in seances and was a “spiritualist.”

  2. There is a “special place in Hell” aka next to Maleficent since she declares herself to be the “mistress of all evil,” and transforms into a dragon embodying “the powers of hell” for idiots like this guy! 🙂

    1. Heather

      Imagine this scenario:
      You have one shot at life. You waste it from the perspective of never having enough, so bad that to quell the thirst you decide stealing is worth the substantial risk of losing your freedom and ability to enjoy this lovely Earth.

      Some might consider that hell.

  3. Robert S Younger

    officals deserve most church officals deserve jail or prision and stripped of all degrees and licenses. most of them steal from their church anyways. this has been proven across the globe. PERIOD

  4. JJ

    Club 33= pedo club

    1. FBG

      Pedovores, that’s the story behind the story. Baby raping and eating satanists.

  5. David Bird

    Wow…Fifth Church of Christ, Scientist? What happened to the other four? Though shalt not steal? …even for Disney obsession? Ugh.

  6. Melanie Durham

    Wow, just wow!

  7. Sheila Rose

    This 33 area is for Freemasons and its evil to the core. Disney himself was a freemason and that is why it is named “33”.
    Red pill and “Q” can verify that. Disney Land and Disney World is not a place to take any child.

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