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mickey mouse scentsy

Credit: Scentsy


  1. The Jack warmer has now gone into the Disney vault.

  2. How do I get one of these

    1. Melanie

      Scentsy.com, it’s a direct sales company so you can do one of two things! Either buy directly from the company, or the closest consultant will contact you (or visa vets) and they will ask you if you would like to have a party! Then depending how well the party does, you will probably get a lot of your scentsy items for free!

    2. Hi Anna I am a consultant with Scentsy and would love to help.Here is my link if you are still interested. htpps://colleenkeefe.scentsy.us/party/10984257/welcome fall

    3. What are you looking for?

  3. Look at us go!!!! I’m so extremely proud to be a part of this company and Disney!

  4. Hi my name is colleen and I am a scentsy consultant. If anyone is interested I would love to help.

  5. C

    Insidethemagic has already linked the main Scentsy website at the bottom of the article. It is out of compliance for Scentsy consultants to add their own personal websites, and it is also very tacky.

  6. Jennifer Crowner

    Nothing wrong with putting it out there that you are a consultant. since he wants consultants to get credit for sales anyway so it would automatically get added to probably the closest consultant to wherever you ordered from I too am a sincere consultant in Iowa I love to help people and I don’t ask people to have parties I’m not pushy about it if somebody asks me about having a party I would gladly do one.

    Scentsy is the best company to work with.

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