Comments for Boy uses Disney World trip money to buy food for Dorian evacuees

disney world hurricane dorian victims

Credit: ABC / ITM


  1. Harley

    Kids like him will change the world! I hope he still gets to come to wdw! He deserves it for being the generous spirit we could all use in life! The simple heart of a child!

  2. Thomas Cusker

    I hope someone sets up a go fund me page for him. I will be one of the first to donate to him. Please keep us informed if one is set up.

    1. Mark

      Forget go fund me hoping disney sees this and gives him a trip!

      1. Melanie Durham

        Yes!!! I hope good morning America or Disney will see this and pay for his trip! What a great boy

  3. rjt

    I also think Disneyworld should arrange for this young man to be able to visit. He is a remarkable young man!

  4. Livonia Brewer

    This young boy is the epitome of human kindness. Keep this up Jermaine and you can change the world. You heart for others is huge and so warming. May God keep you in perfect peace.

  5. Esther

    Disney needs to give him a free trip!!!!

  6. Amanda

    Everyone email Disney and ask them to reward him with a vacation. I just sent an email via their contact form

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