Comments for Woman sues Disney after “violently striking” her head at Space Mountain

space mountain disney one ride challenge

Credit: Inside the Magic


  1. Justin

    The Florida lawsuit alleges a *minimum* of $15,000. Any complaint filed in a Florida Circuit Court must state that it is seeking in excess of this amount, as this is the minimum amount to file in the circuit court. Rest assured she will be seeking a lot more than $15,000.

  2. Harley

    The issue and i said this before is if there is NO record or report filled out at park to coincide with this incident citing the wrong doing of the cm which i find hard to believe bc they are trained for safety first! I feel bad for this person but its going to be very hard like i said w the wdw incident to be believed that will be the first thing the lawyers will ask for on disneys why didnt you file a report? If she did then shes ok! Its all about doting Is and crossing Ts! Believe me been there as a cm and guest!

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