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Boo to You Parade

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  1. Harley

    Though i know all these tips its always fun reading someone elses prospective of this really cool event i wish sadly was more reasonably priced and my kid was aged for it!
    My favorite advice you give is the costumes i dont know who wouldnt dress up given the chance too and your right you get more candy esp if its family themed not only do other guests get a kick out of the ideas but the cms love it! Also the get there early i say this for emh as well too bc if you can skip fireworks during emh you can get so much done prior and then hit last min stuff during same thing for the party hit the rides, shows etc and get around to the rest! You have all night so enjoy yourself!
    Hope everyone has a spooky halloween season! Bonus pts to you ryan for staying my disney home away from home! ?

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