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    If it is at a time when my children, my husband , and I can go together it would be great.

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      We would be thrilled to win.

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    Carolyn Bryant

    Love to go to see Cinderella

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    Debbie Slaven

    This would be a dream come true for my family

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    Hector LaVergne

    This would be So Magical!!! Who would not want to go to the Happiest Place On Earth!!!

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    Wi am a single Grandma raising Granddaughters. We have had a horrible last 2 years. This trip would really be wonderful!

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      Andrieux Anne-Sophie

      I have a rare disease (tolosa hunt syndrome) since 1998….and I participate for this raffle to thank my family which had been present since 21 years. With my mother we didn’t have a simple life. But we love and are big fan of disney. And this raffle is a chance to thank my family to support me against my disease since 21 years. Disney world is the foundation place where the dreams come true. Thank you for this.

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    Katie knoblauch

    My Family and I would be thrilled to get to enjoy Disney. Thank you the opportunity of a life time 🙂

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    Would absolutely LOVE to be able to give this to my family!
    Thank you so much for the chance! 🙂

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    Jordan Hodge

    Definitely the romantic getaway my fiancee Katherine and I would love to experience!

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    My husband and I would love to go for our wedding anniversary this year!

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    Sidney A Szabad

    Yeah! Fun fun fun. People say “too much of a good thing isn’t a great thing.” Not at Disneyland or Disney World. Pik me! pik me!

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    Patricia J Mormile

    My youngest son has never been to Disney World but my older two have and I would love to be able to give my youngest the same experience that the other two got to have when they were young. This trip would be a dream come true for our family.

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    Douglas Neel

    This would be a great way to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary and bring the grandchildren to Disney World for their first time.

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      Bambi Attleson

      Our family would be blessed to go!

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    This would be a dream come true for our children!!!

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      Would love for my grand baby’s to go. They never been. Thanks

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    Rachel Nance

    Dis freaks here..would love to win!

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    Sarah Pohorence

    Wow! This is a great giveaway!

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      Great giveaway! Would love to win!

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    Deborah Slocumb

    Awesome giveaway. Pick me!

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    Tania M Wisner

    Would be something off my bucket list and a first for my grandson and daughter. Once in a lifetime!

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    Michael Lambert

    Wow my daughter turning 4 this would be a blessing.

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    Stephen Hammond

    Entered! you never know your luck in a raffle 🙂

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    Lauren Vandee

    My family has never had a vacation this would be a awesome opportunity

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      yeah me too. my mom doesn’t want to go anywhere, I think that she is just afraid of going outside. In my view, the world has many things to discover. If I have enough money and opportunities, I’ll try to go wherever I can, the first destination will definitely Disney Land

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    andre blouin


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    Jennifer D Raska

    Going to Disney World has always been a dream of mine as a little girl but my parents could never afford it, now as a mother of three boys it’s still a dream of mine to now take them but I can’t afford it now either. This would be my dream come true for me to win this.

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      I have never. Been out of my state let alone a vacation. It would be nice to see something like this before my end.

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    peter weber

    the big kid in me wants to re-explore disneyland, bring my spouse and no one else

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    Sabrina Travierso

    28, and never once been anywhere Disney! I would love this!

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    I would love to take my family on this wonderful vacation! Thank you for the opportunity.

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    sue valerio

    I would love this for my family

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    Pamela Arbour

    My family and I would love to go on this trip!

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    Would be a lifetime memory for my 2 granddaughters. Thank you

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    Laura Kornak

    Would LOVE to Win!

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      Love to do this

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        Douglas Neel

        Anniversary and grandchildren Disney fanatics = extreme fun!!

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    Judy Folk

    This would be an amazing experience

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    I have never been on vacation. My grandchild would love this. Thank you for the opportunity.

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    Rochelle Berger

    I want to see the new Star Wars land

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    I would really love to win this contest. We haven’t been able to stay in a resort since 2014.

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      Would love to win. We honeymooned here would be amazing to take our 2 kids back with us 14 years later.

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    Christopher Thomas

    Let’s explore

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    Lindsey Mattheis

    I’m ready!

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    Colleen Hayes

    Really would be fantastic 🙂

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    Meghann Buresh

    I’m 41 and I have been been to any place associated with Disney. 🙋‍♀️

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    Sarah Ehrhart

    My grandsons and I would love to win this since one of them has been asking to go to Disney World.

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    Melanie Durham

    Thank you so much for this opportunity! I hope that my family wins! Good luck to everyone! 💜

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    Hi.. This would be my child’s ultimate dream come true!
    Crossing fingers

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    JANE Jakins

    great giveaway

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    Brenda Brovold

    This would be absolutely amazing for us to take our 6 year old daughter. Being retired and on a fixed budget makes it difficult.

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    Jenny Nason


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    Christine Lewis

    Sweet deal

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    Ryan G

    When i click ENTER nothing happens

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    I would love to win and have a wonderful time with my son and his family in Florida at the parks. We all love Disney!!!

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    Eddie thorsby

    I’m 63 and I do fell like a kid at the magic kingdom.thanks

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    Jim Derro

    Love to go.

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    Janice Cournoyer

    My husband and I would love to go for our 45th wedding anniversary this year! Never too old!!

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    Chris Williams

    I love walt disney world

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    Barbara Behan

    I’d love to go Disneyworld, I’ve never been.

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    I would love to see the magic THANKS

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    Mark Hampshire


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    It would be a great anniversary present.

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    Teresa Andaloro

    It truly is the happiest place on earth

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    Marlene V

    I would love to take my husband and kids!

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      I would love to go! I haven’t gone in years!

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        Deborah Gonzalez

        I have not been to Disney since I was 15. I would love to share this with my niece and nephew who have never been to Walt Disney World!

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    we have so many happy memories of family times at Disney. my husband died 3/5, just 3 months short of our 50th anniversary. I would love to go back and visit those memories to honor him. thanks

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    Kymberly Wilson

    Never in the 20 year I’ve been married have I been able to afford a vacation, winning this would be a dream come true as I have heard from numerous friends that have taken their families. Thank you so very much for giving this opportunity to try to win.

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    Wow! What a glorious adventure this would be!

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    Detlef Tank

    i would love totreat some of my grandchildren to such a adventure

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    Carol Asbury

    This is a wonderful giveaway. How hard is it to pick a family? They all sound like they need a little magic in their lives. Good luck in finding the just right family.

    What fun, but a hard decision.

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    Lenora Crowder

    Would love to take my grand kids!

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      Tracy Lamourie

      Would love to bring my son

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    My family, including the 5 grandkids and the biggest kid of the lot, 35 years this Christmas we will have been coming, cant miss it. this year the grand kids are writing a book together for World Book Day. Its their story of the 12 months leading up to Walts World.Pics,stories and big dreamy sleeps. With the ending of planning for the 2020 vacation.
    Michael C Richards, Koey,Dexter,Caleb,Ayla and Lola Grace.

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      Now shared on Linked In, over 100 views in the first hour. The magic continues

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    Great family trip with my grandkids

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    OMG I want to have a fantasy vacation

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    Louanne Baelde

    This would be a vacation of a lifetime.

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    Debra S

    I’d love to take my kids for a do over. When we went before, my ex was planning to leave and wouldn’t spend time with our kids in DisneyWorld. Instead, he played golf every day. It wasn’t the happiest place for us.

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    I love Pirates ! thanks for the chance

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    awesome and a dream come true thanks for chance

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    I want to be in a happy place so bad…

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    I love Cinderella Thanks for chance

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    A fantasy can become a reality Thanks for chance

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    Beauty and the Beast is True Love – Thanks for the chance to experience the Magic

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    Nice! thank you so much! Thank you for sharing.

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    Love LionKing Thanks

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    My family would love this ❤️

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    When are the peak seasons that would be blocked for this contest?

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    magic and fantasy keeps me sane thanks for chance

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    Thank you for the opportunity for the vacation of a lifetime with my three grandchildren! We all love Disney World and it would definitely be “Magical” to visit another Disney Park!

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    Kimberlea Gray

    I want to win this trip in order to take my family to see the most magical place on earth! Thank you for this opportunity.

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    Oh wow! Would love to take my grandchildren and make wonderful memories with them.

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    Rebecca Vermeulen

    WAHOOOO!!!!! Let’s do this!!!!!

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    It’s my biggest dream ❤️❤️❤️

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    Pam Lasante

    Dream of Disney, land and sea. Family fun by the ton. Would love to take my grandchildren to the “Happiest Place On Earth”

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    Two months and fourteen days to go, excitement mounting, grand kids are keeping up with their diaries and their book is coming along. Will all be ready for Worldbook day. Nov.23rd, even booked a cinema for the videos of our previous trips. All looking good. Hope everything is back to normal for everyones sake. May the force be with yoo

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    Would love to visit Disney and see all the new rides and entertainment with my family.

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    Casey D.

    Thank you for the opportunity! This would be an Amazing trip for my friends and I, especially one friend that hasn’t ever been to Disney.

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    Thank you very much for the nice share, I will love to spend time reading your posts.

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    Great and amazing post I am surely sharing this post on all of my social media channels to make this post reach to more and more audience.

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    Kristi Elwood

    Fingers crossed 🤞. Good luck to everyone (including me) Anyone who wins will be very lucky to be going to the happiest place on earth 🌎 Disney is my favorite family memory. We would love the opportunity to go back.

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    Jeannette Harkin

    Why is the attendance low at Galaxy Edge…..I thought it would be insanely packed, any thoughts?

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