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Disney College Program applications

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  1. Mark

    Do not get drunk and think you own the joint and thats not going to piss off your fellow cms and or managers the next day! If you can not afford to take the day off do not blurt out your hungover and complain all day!
    Just a trusted tip from a past theme park manager!

    1. Harley

      Lol sad but true mark couldnt tell ya how often be a pawn to that add to the fact you give the rest of the cm more work!
      If your going to cp follow rules and have fun your working for disney just ?

  2. Nan Hendrickson

    Are students with disabilities considered for this program? It would be awhile til my son could apply (at least 9 years) but he has autism and at this time has some difficulty speaking and communicating verbally. He loves Disney though and I’m trying to keep this in mind. Obviously, an interview would be difficult, but he is capable in many other ways. I’m just curious. Thanks.

    1. Polly

      I would be interested too! My daughter has 4 years. She is higher functioning and does musical theatre and has always dreamed of working at Disney!

      1. Harley

        Oh yes bc i am a mom of sp needs we’ve been very lucky to communicate w cms that are sp needs as well someone we chatted w in pandora was autistic! They even help w your schedule and stuff jic and there are even people that wrk there that in wheelchairs and i think itm even had an article about someone whom needed a service dog. My kid only wants to wrk at wdw so i know how you all feel!

  3. Harley

    Ps. Keep in mind even if your kid doesnt get into cp dont give up or even just check the website and they could get hired the old fashioned way wdw and dl are always hiring depending on there needs etc. So ? and hope for the best! Its like any job just keep trying!

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