Comments for Spooky treats revealed for Mickey’s-Not-So-Scary Halloween Party 2019

magic kingdom halloween food

Credit: Disney


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    i wish they would have more savory options. aside from the nachos and the burger, it’s all sweets. you’d think they would subconsciously want to offer more salty stuff to make people want to buy more drinks.

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    I wish a few of these items were daily like the ones on the bottom. I do not honestly get why they arent i get somethings have to be exclusive for party but lots of those items dont scream i am party only!

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    Melanie Durham

    On a positive note…..I think they are very inventive and look tasty! Thank you Disney!

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      You know by being “positive” your quite negative and then you tell people there negative!
      I agree w you yes they are delicious looking but i agree w harley bc they could put out a few others items for non disney party! Its not like the free candy these items you still pay $$$ for so your paying either way! Some of us can not afford the party we can afford a cool treat!

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        Thanks for the agreement but did you take nasty pills today? I dont think melanie was being nasty she was adding her comment saying how things looked tasty! Chill pill & positive thoughts!

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