New Spider-Man MCU Deal Rumored to Include 7 Movies!

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Spider-Man MCU

Credit: Marvel / Movieweb

It seems that all the drama between Disney and Sony may not quite be over just yet if the most recent rumors are to be true.

We’re hearing reports that Disney has gone back to Sony with another deal over one of the most popular characters in the history of Marvel. This new deal would bring Spidey back into the MCU, include another 7 movies which would also take into consideration the future involvement of Spider-Man in the Avengers.

The deal apparently includes a follow up the incredibly successful Far from Home to complete the trilogy as well as beginning a brand new trilogy that follows Peter Parker during his college years.

This second trilogy is supposedly going to borrow elements from the classic cartoon Spider-Man and his amazing friends where Spidey teams up with Ice Man and Firestar of the X-Men. Not impossible given that we know Marvel is looking for ways to introduce Mutants into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Here’s a little taster of the cartoon for those who haven’t seen it:

We can see this being another hilarious trilogy if it goes ahead as planned!

Of course, we know what you are thinking, you said seven movies and have only covered four. Well, the other three are rumored to consist of two Avenger movies. The seventh movie is apparently optional at this time.

In order to make this happen, Disney is said to have reduced their offer so that Marvel Studios will helm and co-finance all Spider-Man related movies for 30% of the full profits instead of the proposed 50% that Sony was said to have turned down before.

In return for this deal, Marvel would apparently get live-action rights to the Spiderverse and would be able to incorporate characters such as Venom into the MCU. Sony would also be able to produce live-action television shows, something that they were previously restricted on.

Though still unconfirmed, it is said that Disney wants to get this deal signed and delivered before the Marvel D23 panel tomorrow!

This would be AMAZING if true don’t you think?

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