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Snow White boy at Epcot



  1. Harley

    Omg this is beautiful and reminds to never take life for granted nor the Disney experience or the cms they do a great job! Its not easy to be a sp needs parent but we arent looking for medals either! But a bit of understanding but that doesnt mean to discredit them either! My kid isnt autistic but his need of routine etc is something i understand and my heart goes out to this family! Ty for sharing! ?

  2. Brian Burkett

    Humanity at it’s finest – and it is across the board. A cast member let my daughter go through FP on Dumbo as her last ride on her last day of her first trip to Disney, as she was in tears (appropriately, not yelling) because of having to leave the MK. She was ecstatic. I will literally never forget that moment or that CM. Magic.

  3. Katy M

    These are those magical pieces of news we need to hear about more often. CMs are people too- not just characters. However, I’d like to think Snow White (the character) would have done the same for Brody (understanding, hugging and smiling). I also think his parents are amazing for tackling such a huge vacation and taking the time to explain the possible things he might encounter- especially when his schedule is thrown off track. My little one does much better when we talk about transitions she’ll have during the day. I think grownups do too! Bravo to the family, the CM and Brody. 🙂

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