Simpsons horror movie scenes are a Treehouse of Horror to die for

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The Simpsons movie horror scenes

This October brings the 30th edition of Treehouse of Horror! That milestone is not stopping one artist from envisioning several Simpsons horror movie scenes.

Iconic fear film favorites like “Jaws,” “Nightmare on Elm Stree,” “The Exorcist” and “IT” (and more) all get “Simpsonized” in this creepy-cool concept collection. It’s enough to wish Disney would make a Treehouse of Horror movie when they add the series to Disney+.

Elm Street Simpsons

Artist Peter Mahoney has a knack for mashing up pop culture favorites. His Instagram page is filled with creepy-cool combos like Scooby-Doo and “Ghost” or “Ghostbusters” and “Aladdin.” However, the highlight of this amazing assortment has to be the macabre marriage of “The Simpsons” with a host of hot horror properties.

Simpsons horror movie scenes fear favorites

Among the many monstrous masterpieces lurking on Mahoney’s Instagram incarnations, a few stand out.


Homer, as the namesake anti-hero, turns the film’s final scene into an apparent couch gag.

Simpsons Horror Movie Scenes Beetlejuice

“Evil Dead2”

Ned Flanders replaces Ash as the protagonist in an “Evil Ned 2” parody of the classic Rami flick.

Simpsons Horror Movie Scenes Evil Ned 2


Marge as Gozer is amusing, but Maggie as Slimer takes the ectoplasmic prize in this brilliant, bustin’ scene.

Simpsons Horror Movie Scenes Ghostbusters


With a well-placed play on words, Moe assumes the role of this 80’s holiday horror film.

Gremlins and The Simpsons


Combing Krusty and this Stephen King thriller is a perfect match. Krusty’s crazy eyes take on new life as he lures Bart into his clutches.

Simpsons Horror Movie Scenes IT


Surly, Springfield’s power plant had an effect on Bruce the shark. Now with three eyes, he’s seen antagonizing Homer and Marge.

Jaws and The Simpsons

“Nightmare on Elm Street”

Poor Marge gets a double dose of Freddy Kruger in this pair of horror mash-ups.

Elm Street and The Simpsons

Elm Street and The Simpsons

Treehouse of Horror Milestones

All of these amazing adaptations arrive just in time for “The Simpsons” 30th version of the Halloween classic, “Treehouse of Horror.” Not only is this a high five for the seasonal special, but by some spooky coincidence, it also happens to be the series 666th episode (that’s planning!). This year promises parodies of “Stranger Things” and “The Shape of Water.” The eerie episode airs on October 8th.

Treehouse of Horror 30

For those who cannot wait for Disney/Fox’s fear fest, a visit to Peter Mahoney’s Instagram or Etsy shop should take the edge off.

Source and images: Bloody Disgusting, Peter Mahoney’s Instagram page


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