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Pirates of the Caribbean

Credit: Disney


  1. Chris Kendrick

    i was in Space Mountain once when it broke down in DL. lights on and was scary at first because our car stopped but we could hear others still moving…everything worked out though as we coasted to the end and got to ride again afterward. took about 10 mins to get everyone back to start

    1. Jeremiah McKenna

      This last Thanksgiving, we were in Disney World, riding Space Mountain and it broke down. We were in the dark, with only the small star lights in the air above us. We sat in the first spot for about 5 minutes, then move a few feet and stopped again, only this time we stayed there for about ten minutes or more before we moved another ten feet and stalled again for another ten minutes.
      Then the People Mover stalled while we were on that.

      1. Vic

        A few weeks ago we were stuck, ironically enough, on the carousel of progress. It was storming really badly when the attraction was over, and a loud screeching speaker said if we wanted to stay on and ride again instead of getting out and into the storm, we could. After that, the intro to the attraction played about three times without any progress. Another cast member on a speaker apologized, and the intro played another three times before it finally advanced.

  2. Elyse Weiner

    Did everybody get wet? I got stuck in Spaceship Earth once I think. It was a really long time ago I didn’t remember anything. I think we were on the ride long and it was scary. We can’t go anywhere, I guess it starts up again.

    1. Harley

      No i know from assisting once i use to wrk jungle at wdw and pirate had a fire once though the fire broke out not in guest area they had to evac still quick… i can only assume dl is similar the cm wade in the water to help the boat get to place… if it cant cycle out then yes you might! But alot of rides try to cycle out wo incident!
      Ironically you brought up sse sadly twice now i was on the ride it had to be cycled out bc someone jumped out of the ride yes w it moving! It once happend on splash and we had to walk down the stairs from the drop. It couldnt cycle out bc silly toutists didnt get please remain srayed as we come to assist!

  3. Beth Scott

    My sister and I were on Big Thunder Mountain in at Disneyland in 2003. We had to evacuate mid ride when it broke down. We took a couple of pictures, including a selfie from inside the tunnel to remember the moment for my scrapbook, before selfies were everywhere.

  4. Melody

    We had to evacuate Dinosaur in Disneys Animal Kingdom. The lights came on and they brought ladders in to get us out of the ride vehicles and then we walked to the end of the ride. It was a cool experience we will never forget

  5. Shelley

    Had to evacuate Splash Mountain mid ride about a year ago. It was interesting to see it with the lights on, no audio, but the animatronics were still moving, so it was a eerie sound.

  6. Bonnie

    I have been evac’d off of The Seas with Nemo and Friends too many times to count. It’s a running gag that I cannot ride it, I will break it ? I will say, bubble tunnel is the worst place to get stuck. I felt so dizzy after 10 minutes.

  7. If you haven’t been stuck on a Disney ride then your not going enough.
    Space Mountain, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Splash, Spaceship, The Land, Test Track. Some are amazing with the lights on.

    1. Harley

      Some people have a different definition of stuck though too some people call stuck the ride was down but came back others call stuck via your definition of completely down lights on and have to cycle out! Either way i agree you havent been enough if you havent seen the inner works of a ride once! The other thing i love is riding people mover when a ride like space is rehab and you get to see the inner wrks of the ride! Some rides though are better to be in dark i remember working dhs late and went on rnrc and tower w lights (cm perk) i was like its less scary to not see where i am going! Though tower is still neat to see how it wrks!

  8. Nathan

    This is SOP for Pirates Cast. Completely safe and OG and trained from the beginning. We know where the pumps are, where the track switches are, and we are provided waders (as you can see above) for the purpose of moving boats to evac Guests. There are several exit points throughout the attraction and depending on how many boats are being utilized during the downtime and where those boats are located we can determine whether you are pushed backward or forward. At no time is anyone ever unsafe. Trust me. I was a Coordinator (Lead) at Walt Disney World. Safety is the priority when it comes to Guests AND our Cast.

  9. Daphne

    I have kids that work at mk and this happens weekly . These rides are old and breakdown daily.

  10. elizabeth

    Got stuck at the very start of Maelstrom for quite a while. First and last time on ride so never did see it. Just was in Disney 2 weeks ago and was able to ride Frozen so I feel fulfilled now?

  11. Carol

    We got stuck on Toy Story. Lights came on and we were evacuated out. People started video taping and cast members everywhere telling people to put their phones away. One lady would not- a manager came and she would not. When we got outside, a group of professional looking Disney folks and security was waiting for her. After several minutes,, she surrendered her phone . You are informed before the ride of no video taping. I don’t blame Disney for wanting to protect their technology.

  12. Mickey

    I’ve been on quite a few rides that have broken down at WDW. The longest ride was Buzz Light Year. The CMs got it started again, but it took close to 30 or so mins.

  13. Mickey

    I’ve been stuck on quite a few rides at WDW when they’ve broken down. Too many to mention in each park and at times, the same rides. The lights have been turned on only once however for Peter Pan which was less than 10 mins. The longest time was spent on Space Ranger Spin for 30+ mins (no lights).

    Some people may think that there is something wrong with the ride if it stops for a few mins, but there isn’t. The ride will stop to allow people in wheelchairs and scooters to board and to exit the ride safely.

    1. Harley

      If you wc is in a separate entrance that will be a quick stop if its down there will be a major announcement like stay where you are and eventually lights may or may not come on…. it depends on if the computer can boot back in time or if not you will evac and ride will be down! Buzz was down once for so long but never evac but everyone came off it w the highest pts range! Lol! One time we were evac off cofp and went right into choas bc all of tomorrowland went down at once! It was a strange sight!

  14. Blue

    This isn’t unusual and is how POTC evacuations go. I worked there for five years and got in the water more times than I can remember.

  15. Augustina

    This is the dumbest article I have ever read.

    They get in the water to push and stage boats for an evacuation.

    Life happens.

  16. Katy

    I was on mr.toads wild ride and half way through it broke down. So my husband and I decided we wanted to go on Indiana Jones. Well halfway through that The ride broke down! Was super cool to see it with the lights on. We waited for a long time to be escorted off with the fire department there too. Everyone in the car decided we were to eat my husband first if we were not rescued.

  17. Theresa

    Got stuck on Spaceship Earth last summer. After about 20 minutes, a CM came and helped us get out of our vehicle (we were on our backs) and we had to walk out!!

  18. emcg

    We were on Ellen’s Energy Adventure when it broke down. It was great! They turned on the lights and told everyone to get out of the ride cars and follow them. We got to see all the dinosaurs in the bright lights and it was cool. The next year it was shut down for good. I wish I took pictures.

  19. Gerry Pasquetti

    Years ago my daughter and her 2 yr old daughter was on Pirates and it broke down. After listening to the song for 15 minutes they finally turned on the lights and shut down the song. We also had a cast member wad in high water wadders and push our boats to a place to disembark. We were actually thrilled. We got to see the kitchen area for cooking under the New Orleans restaurant, time clocks used by cast members, saw the back behind the Pirates building where engineers worked and the walked out by the side of the restrooms on outside New Orleans alley. It was the best memory I have of my many many times to visit Disneyland. Once had to walk out of Pinnochino. Loved it also. Love seeing behind the scenes.

  20. Cathleen Clark

    We were in It’s a Small World at DL and it broke down for at least 20 minutes, but it was fun. No one was upset and in fact, people were laughing and giggling. It got moving again and all was well.

  21. Candy

    We live in Paradise, CA and after the November 8th fire that went through our town and took every thing out, we were surprised by some family members with a trip to Disney in December. We got on Pirates and the ride broke down for 20 minutes (felt like an hour) at the fire part. Let’s just say I had an 8 year old girl under my arm screaming fire! It’s going to fall on us!!! Not a good experience. That ride used to be our favorite ride.

  22. Laura

    We got stuck on pirates for almost an hour on Christmas Day. We were already above the underground part near the parrot. Since it was Christmas Day, I don’t think the “usual” CMs were in charge of how to handle it, which is why it took so long. Eventually someone pulled this nifty bridge thing out of a closet and we climbed to the boat in front of us, then over the bridge to the entrance area.

  23. Lupita

    We were stuck on Indiana Jones a we’re weeks ago. Twice actually. My niece was starving and pulled out a PJ&J from her backpack and had a snack while we waited. They let us go on the ride again but it was still malfunctioning. Made for a great story and memory as it was my niece’s 15th birthday and she was here visiting from Mexico.

  24. Terri

    We had the same thing happen in WDW once. We were in the jail scene. Cast members came in with waders on and sent us out the back with complementary fast passes in hand

  25. Jennifer

    My son and I got to walk off the great movie ride on the Yellow Brick Road! It is one of my favorite memories ever.

  26. Judy Gordon

    We got stuck on Fast Track with two young boys who were in the single rider lane. We were on the outside part of the ride and the two young boys spoke very little English. We tried to keep them calm making jokes and taking pictures.

  27. Karen

    We stopped in the South American area of It’s a Small World. First time we could study each doll closely. I wrote postcards while we waited. Only problem was the song stuck in my head for a very long time.

  28. Diane

    My party got stuck in the Haunted Mansion. The lights were turned on and we had to walk out. It was very interesting.

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