Comments for Jack’s Back! AND he’s hosting “Disney’s Not So Spooky Spectacular”

Jack Skellington hosts “Disney’s Not So Spooky Spectacular"


  1. Harley

    Woohoo sarcastic golf claps i mean glad wdw is done w forgetting nightmare existed but honestly they couldnt just let nightmare take over like dca right that just still too hard??? But theres alot of money in nightmare lots of fans and this fan rather see the new show w shelley marie N oogie! I know color projections are different tech then our castle probably but it still would have been nice if they tried! Like haunted mansion holiday did they try no they just said NO!

    1. Mark

      I agree projections are projections and its not like nightmare isnt their property!

      1. Harley

        Its not shelley marie nor anything it should be i am still not excited enough to spend all that money but i just realized reading somewhere else thats not a projection and its a puppet so i take back part of my critic thats impressive !

    2. Mike

      The problem with Haunted Mansion Holiday is the time it takes to put up and take down everything. They don’t want to close it for 6 weeks before and after because of the type of guest that visits (more tourist vs. local). I feel like that’s what keeps them from doing it here.

      1. Harley

        I can see that mike you got a pt but i am sure if they tried it disney can things down to a science and who knows why isnt time an issue at dl they have same reason of ride access! they have access to extra space for storage inside and outside as matience/storage is right outside its backdoor! Didnt mean as offese i just feel like wdw alot rather just give excuses instead of trying then saying cant do it! I mean castle lights and trees everywhere etc are done overnight.

    3. Melanie Durham

      Then go to DCA and stop complaining! You are pretty negative on here on a consistent basis! Yes everyone is entitled to their opinion but you are so negative! It’s nice that WDW is doing something different this year! I’m happy they are doing Nightmare Before Christmas! And another thing, it’s extremely difficult to Understand what you are writing about the first time we read your rants! Spelling, punctuation, use of words, etc are wrong!

      1. Mark

        Its a comment board most people type fast you dont need perfect grammar god! Take a breathe and relax like you said its a persons opinion you go and enjoy nightmare your way! Maybe harley can not get away for the time and can not afford it! If you can not take someone different opinion from you maybe you should stop looking at the comments and rudely commenting back! Shes only rude to you on occasion bc you been nasty to her other than that shes only left her well placed comments or ? Shes entitled too!!!! Shes not here to be placed on a throne or high horse maybe you should get off of yours! And enjoy some disney magic!

      2. Harley

        Do you own these boards??? No! Then i do not need to continue….

  2. Michael

    Like I said, I truly think that it is because Disneyland is more of a local park, and the annual passholders don’t mind the closure and look forward to it because they know what’s coming. The problem with Florida is the amount of tourists and first time visitors, some of which will only visit once in their life. I’ve always felt that Disney just doesn’t want to close a classic attraction like that for so long with that many first time visitors. Even with Disney having it down to a science, the amount of detail it entails requires around 6 weeks to assemble and disassemble, and it’s a yearly thing there.

    1. Harley

      I hear ya you have great points!

  3. Harley

    Can we get back on target i am so so sorry i took it off topic again though it is a comment place i am sorry for commenting out of place for some people i will just shut up!?

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