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Jack Skellington

Credit: Disney


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    This would be great if it wasnt once again about the $$$ or there was a discount attached! Other parks have similar tickets and they arent as much and the price per night varies… the come every night thing is supose to save money not be some crazy price i am sorry! Unless your 1 person single but still crazy amount of money to me…

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    Who makes these decisions? Obviously, it is a single male. For my family of five, this “amazing” pass is $1500! Ummm…….I’d rather have one season pass!

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      Kristina even if you were single theres other options even if a disney person your going to the option up the street bc its cheaper and you get to drink! I love disney and halloween but not that much!
      Also i agree i am 2 people thats $600 thats close to an annual for a local for 1 person not not so scary!

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    Melanie Durham

    I think it’s a wonderful idea!

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    The hours are too short. If it went until 1am or 2am–it might be worth going.

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      Knowing this is truly a kids and family event bc there are others for the adults i doubt we will ever see it!

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