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Walt Disney Worlds 4 Parks


  1. Mark

    Thats alot of glitter and sparkle for 50th i guess dl did the basic gold thing so wdw has to go nuts and look like a unicorn farted!

    1. Harley

      the unicorn fart was inappro but i agree maybe bc dl did the golden thing wdw just wants to have a huge 4 park celebration! I can not wait to here more! Besides have you not noticed the glitter shiny stuff is in now! Its all over merch!

      1. Harley

        Ps. Anything is better than that cake castle! ?

      2. Mickey

        Yes, I’m looking forward to most of the new changes and the celebration. Will it be held all year? Thinking about staying on-site in Nov 2021 for a few nights. Will there be something special for MVMCP?

    2. Melanie Durham


  2. Mark

    Oh please no not the cake castle! ??

  3. Mickey

    I’m planning to visit and stay on-site in Nov. 2021 for a few nights for my birthday. Will the celebration still be going on then? Will there be more special activities for MVMCP?

    1. Harley

      First happy birthday ahead of time!
      Second the actual anniversary is oct i could only assume it will start prior to oct and jump maybe into the next yr too! (I am hoping for this as my kids bday is march so i hear ya). DL 50th was worldwide not just at DL and if memory serves me that was 2 yrs! You will def be ok for nov!
      I hope you enjoy your time to celebrate!

  4. Jake

    Will the 50th Anniversary Celebration begin Oct. 1 or all of 2021?

    1. Harley

      If memory serves me right 25th and 50th for dl both went for 2 whole yrs… actually 25th might have went another bc of the infamous cake couldnt be brought down! But again dont take me as 100%… it wouldnt suprise me with disney they would start early (right now alot of the projects set to open are ahead of the 50th mark even tron is est summer) so i could see it happening if not def oct 21 to oct 22! Disney likes to milk celebrations for all they are worth! To say come celebrate w us while your here come buy our anniversary merch (which is same as reg merch but it says 50th all over it isnt it pretty? sad but true!)

      1. Mark

        The 50th of dl world wide was perfect example of disney wanted to sell merch sadly bc nothing happen at the other parks DL had the party! It was their celebration!
        Harley please stop w the cake that was def a huge regret for wdw seeing how long it took to get off the castle! Though at least theres new attractions and a repurposed epcot to look forward to this anniversary!

  5. Jacob

    Will the 50th Anniversary Celebration begin October 1 or all of 2021?

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