Bride and Groom Churros haunt Disneyland for Haunted Mansion 50th

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Disneyland Haunted Mansion food

Credit: Disney

With the Haunted Mansion celebrating its 50th anniversary last week, we popped into the parks to try one (or two) of the many treats available in Disneyland that are being sold to celebrate the iconic attraction’s birthday (or is it deathday?).

We can safely say that the celebrations are still underway with two spooktacular churros themed to the Bride and Groom characters from the Haunted Mansion!

Bride Churro

You can pick-up the bride churro from the churro cart in New Orleans Square across from the Haunted Mansion. This churro is flavored with vanilla and sugar and tastes more like a beignet than the groom counterpart:

bride Haunted Mansion churro at Disneyland
Credit: Bailee Abell / ITM Reporter

Groom Churro

You will be able to find the groom churro for sale at the churro cart in Critter Country across from Splash Mountain. It isn’t just the coloring that makes this one different–the groom churro has dark and milk chocolate in it and tastes like a mix between a churro and an Oreo cookie:

groom Haunted Mansion churro at Disneyland
Credit: Bailee Abell / ITM Reporter

While we don’t know which of the many Haunted Mansion grooms the groom churro is based on, it’s pretty safe to say that the bride is a reference to the famous Constance Hatchaway, a fan favourite of the Haunted Mansion and perhaps the character with the darkest background. Let’s just say she gets through quite a few different grooms…but to be fair, we could get through quite a few of these churros!

Both churros are to die for so we’d advise you check them out. They are on sale throughout the entire month of August.

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Which of these churros would you like to try? Hit us up in the comments below and make sure you check out all the other sweet offerings at Disneyland that celebrate the attractions 50th anniversary!

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