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  1. Harley

    #6 and #7 should be #1 & #2 truly no offense ryan bc only you know your kids tolerance level and thats what i did w my kid was scarezones bc if my kid got scared you could always walk sidewalks etc or just leave! Also know your kids age ignore please the 13 and over unless your dragging your kid into a house! The scareactors in house and esp in boo hole can not see the difference to child and adult! They will scare your kid! Outside they might even be nice outside of character and chill w them, show them its fake, and high five em! Then go scare the next person whom will be like but your nice to the kid ? it all depends! My kid and i are scifi people more than horror but bc of things like faceoff and love of makeup weve been going since my kid was 3 aka hhn 21 (my sons favorites are the nightengales which again proves know your kid!). You also dont necessarily have to watch horror movies again some people can not stomach em! I know many adults even hate horror movies but love hhn for different reasons! To each his own and my 2 cents!

    1. Mark

      I agree harley you truly need to know before you go the other stuff ryan put in is great but knowing if your kid could handle it and disown you or regret you for doing it (its a great story at parties up there w baby photos later)!
      Btw are you guys going to yr after you got hurt in the house and no one cared esp after they belittled your kids needs instead of helping you (would never happen at wdw god bless das once in system is in system just needs to be renewed)! I am surprised your even commenting!

      1. Harley

        Just bc i dislike uni esp bc of the ways i was treated like dirt esp at hhn… btw someone helped bc they finally relized my blood wasnt fake but thats as far as it went! Lots of blame put of my kids needs and i should know better not to bring my kid… bc he has needs??? Not jk it happen! The guy next to me in evc was told dude your in an evc your good! It was just sad! This doesnt make me not of fan of hhn bc i had a bad experience nor reason to not comment!

    2. Hey Harley! Thanks for your detailed response on this one, really appreciate you sharing your experiences with us! You’re right, I think that only you know your kid’s tolerance and I’d argue that is the most important point. I should have said the list isn’t in any particular order. I left that point until last to drive the point home the most.

      1. Harley

        Your welcome!

  2. Harley

    As a ps. I only wish my experiences at hhn were positive but what happen to me esp last yr can not change and become positive its not as simple as like wdw where ever since horizons got knocked over my rose tinted glasses are off but i still can forgive some things my experiences have gone down hill at uni to the pt like one yr my son got sick and they did nothing! Last yr i got hurt they did nothing and they also be littled my kid and his needs! I go for my kid bc of the full investment has in becoming an fx artist (we gave up on the park as a whole a long time ago and thats another story like i said wdw i can forgive wo rose tinted glasses at uni i saw too much). We use to have so much fun at uni and hhn (i been going to hhn since 16 and my kid 21) made friends esp at hhn the scares actors always made my kid feel like one of them! I wish i could forgive what happen but its not simple and again i am sorry but these were my experiences! I hope everyone enjoys it and brings there kids w caution!

    1. Mark

      Harley you shouldn’t apoligize and i am going to probably tell you something you know as a past cm…
      Negative positive its still your experience and your commentary and knowing this makes a company make changes and become better for what they do! And i am sure positive or negative itm appreciate the comments again like you said its your experiences and i only wish you didnt have to go through that!
      Btw i know this is a uni comment but long live horizons and your not alone!

    2. Hey Harley, sharing your experiences is very much appreciated. It’s a real shame you had to go through what you did. Hopefully, the team learnt from the mistakes made that night

  3. Jackie

    Harley i am so sorry for your experiences!
    I have grandparents i go with they love hhn and i was told the same told the same thing they have new waiting policies and my grandparents were already in a wc what the **** more than they need not kidding! Went straight to manager and they told me the same not they were sorry just the team member was “right”
    They were right to curse me out??? I do not think so!

  4. Melanie

    Our family loves horror movies! I took our oldest son to HHN I believe when he was around 13 or 14! (He’s 24 now) He loved the scare zones but when it was time to go inside his first house….he was so scared and his heart was pounding so fast that I thought he was going to have a heart attack!
    Our youngest son is 18 and autistic and refuses to go to HHN! Which is fine , we will never push him
    Into anything like that

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