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Tom Holland "Spider-Man" and Kevin Feige

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    They’ll find some way to make a deal, didn’t we hear before the Fox deal was complete that it fell through?

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      If not so much for the end of the last movie (not going to say anymore jic spoiler alert)!

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    Matthew Morrison

    This is ridiculous. This is 2 bratty kids goin back n forth over a toy sayin this ain’t fair – that ain’t fair – if you won’t play “my” way I’m takin my(SONY) toy(Spidey) & goin home. Both of these companies are BEYOND from being in the poor house, Disney especially I’m lookin at you. SONY knows the value of what they got, but are over reaching with the money they want. They know Spidey is their cash cow & by a looong shot the best in the hero market they own. Nothing else is close. Hell, he’s the ‘3rd’ best all time hero – with only Superman & Batman ahead of him. Still makes him by a HUGE margin the favorite MARVEL character of all time. I know he’s mine.😍😂 Back to the issue at hand, let’s just say for s**t’s & giggles that they NEVER get their acts together any time soon. That doesn’t mean we won’t get worthy Spidey movies, but the feeling will be different because in our minds, since the MCU’s inception, is that if a MARVEL superhero movie isn’t in the MCU it doesn’t count as a “true” movie of that character(s). That’s how BIG a mark the MCU has permanently made in our minds. That said, as great any future Holland Spidey films are, not to mention how confusing it’s gonna make it if they don’t work this out where those same films won’t be canonical w/ the others. Not to mention, what the hell WOULD that mean for future Spider-Man movies?! Does that mean they would have to reboot the character again? Can they keep past film actions relevant? If they can keep all the previous things in canon, make a movie, then SONY & Disney work things out – will what happens in THAT movie be canon in the MCU or ignored like it never happened at all? It’s a mess. 😂😂 The 1 AWESOME thing I can see coming out of them 2 splitting & NOT working out anything anytime soon is Spidey & Venom can FINALLY be in the same movie!! 😂😀😁 That movie would be HUGE!!! I get giddy just thinking about it. A “Tom Holland” Spider-Man & “Tom Hardy” Venom? 🔥🔥🔥 My 2 favorite MARVEL characters finally getting together with the best interpretations of each. Plus, the icing on the cake is that Venom would get his spider symbol & whatnot. Even better if Carnage is in it.

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      Omg this whole comment made me 🤣 and i had a rough day so ty so much weather you meant it to be funny intentionally or not and also you make so many pts! Its like kids fighting over toys omg its so true or a comic and now the except the action figure/comic broke and they are crying bc omg you broke that is worth millions 😭😉 i so agree w you!

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