Hocus Pocus dress puts a spell on the Disney Dress Shop

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Hocus Pocus Dress

Not to be outdone by the Haunted Mansion wallpaper dress, the Sanderson Sisters represent with a new Hocus Pocus dress. No candles to light for this wicked wonder, its available at the Disney Dress Shop!

Conjuring magic at both the Co-Op/Disney Springs (FL) and Downtown Disney (CA) Dress Shop locations, this new spellbinding selection won’t last long. To complete the collection, there’s even a “Hocus Pocus” themed spell book clutch from Loungfly.

Hocus Pocus Dress

Disney Dress Shop is calling in the spirits for this Halloween. In addition to their mystifying Haunted Mansion inspired dress, the shop bewitches with a new “Hocus Pocus” collection.

Hocus Pocus Dress details

This sleeveless, colorful clothing is ready to dazzle. An all-black fabric, with the exception of embroidered representations of the sisters’ brooms, comprises the dress top. This attaches itself to flame-ringed folds. This bright, magical skirt sports a ring of fire around the hem. Above that, several enchanting elements dance around. These include spell books, keys, stars, eyeballs, dice and even a Snow White-style poison apple. Winnie and her sisters peer from the skirt’s front. Binx, of course, is on hand to keep an eye on things from his perch on the back panel.

Hocus Pocus Dress detail

This “Hocus Pocus” inspired whimsical wonder requires $128 dollars to complete the “take me home” incantation.

Hocus Pocus Dress

Complete the ensemble with a Loungefly Spell book clutch

Carry all the necessary ingredients for bewitching Halloween celebration within this clever clutch from Loungfly. Resembling Winnie’s beloved collection of spells, a snake “spine” and corners along with a watchful eye clutch completes the book-like look. Capturing this conjuring tool requires departing with $65.

LoungeFly spell book clutch

Grab a broomstick or even vacuum cleaner and fly to the Dress Shop before these treats vanish. Both the Hocus Pocus dress and Loungefly spell book clutch run amuck at the Disney Dress Shop at Disney Springs (FL) and Downtown Disney (CA).

Images: Bailee Abell, ITM Archive

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