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Tiana from The Princess and The Frog

Credit: Disney


  1. Harley

    Can not wait to see #16 for dvc and tianas place! I also hope with it being so close the campground amenities like hoop dee doo is around the corner along w the horses!

  2. Jennifer Wilfenden

    This will be amazing! Love the movie…I can’t believe there will be a restaurant AND a new DVC property as well! I wish I New the projected open date!!!

    1. Harley

      Dvc was told est 2021/2022 but w all the plans and work already starting it could be sooner.

      1. Mark

        Is this actually 16 though?

  3. Harley

    Being its still in building a development phase and w 2 dvc properties close by i do not know if this will become dvc but dvc like yours truly know about it the dvc sellers and workers have it in a hypo queue after rivera so yes its 16! If you count like wdw! To a normal person outside or someone whose not willing to see dak or esp wdl as 2 it might be less but it would be 16 if offical via dvc and wdw!

  4. Kathy B

    I look forward to dining here. It’s one of my favorite movies.

  5. Misty

    We will for sure be there we are fl residents and Disney pass holder for life!!!! My girls and my hubby and I will be among the first group to visit for sure!!!!

  6. Sharonda Allen

    I was hoping that the Princess Tiana restaurant would have been a New Orleans themed restaurant at Epcot in the United States! But I’ll take it anywhere at Disney World! I can’t wait to go there!!!

  7. Jennifer Munzert

    I think this idea is wayyyy past due, so excited! I just picture it more in a Port Orleans French Quarter setting but again just the fact that they are making this happen has this Princess Tiana fan ( and creole food fan ) very excited!!!!

    1. Harley

      I bet its bc though i agree w you it belongs at port it probably doesnt have the space for the restaurant envisioned! I love tiana and having any version of tianas place at wdw is a plus in my book!

      1. Jennifer Munzert

        that’s a good point, probably not enough room at POFQ, and yes the fact that they are even putting this into action is a win, I am so excited to try it! : )

    2. Mel

      I’ve been hoping they’d eventually bring Tianas Palace to the parks. This seems slightly odder of a fit (not New Orleans) and pretty loose on the theme based on the mock up pictures I saw (just the colors green and purple in a nondescript room with windows??). Maybe it’ll be more swamp themed? But that doesnt sound terribly deluxe. I was just hoping for a lot more for my favorite princess. Something along the Rivers of America or in epcot or at Port Orleans. Plus, this is going into a DVC resort? Do you have to be DVC to eat there?
      Thankfully, Tianas place on the Disney Wonder does her some justice. Live music, characters, looks a bit more the part.

  8. Maria

    I hope it will have authentic New Orleans food, unlike the New Orleans restaurant at Disneyland! The food was terrible and over priced. I know because I live in Louisiana!

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