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Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

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  1. Timmy T.

    I stopped going to Disneyland because of the high ticket/annual pass prices. After being an annual pass holder for 7 years, I never renewed my annual pass after the huge price hike. Galaxy’s Edge looks cool but the price to get in is just too high!

    1. It’s a real shame but you are far from being alone here. I believe Disney even acknowledged this as one of the reasons GE didn’t bring the expected numbers into Disneyland.

  2. Mark

    I think disney tickets are justifiably insane on both ends back in the day my annual was $200 you can barely get into a park for that and its only 1 person forget a family! Yet theres other places people choose to go bc they havent raised prices in yrs and they have just as much fun there then at wdw! So thats what people choose…
    Disney doesnt care about us little fans just the tourists as long as they come in who cares! Though if we stop going…
    I think swge esp at wdw will show that bc i know alot whom couldnt afford to go to dl and are waiting for wdw and esp the other ride! Dec onward will be a sure sign!

  3. Jeannell Williams

    Me personally I figured the attendance wouldn’t be that high because the land is half finished. Most admitted that they were going until it’s actually finished as well as the price hike. Oddly the hike was to keep attendance low which in turn worked. (Disney stated this just last week) A full judge of the land won’t be until the second ride opens.

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