Mother takes her family on a week-long Disney vacation for free (and so can you!)

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Credit: Megan Bagley

The Most Magical Place on Earth comes at a price, but not for everyone. Even though Walt Disney World vacations can be incredibly expensive, it’s not impossible to go at a discounted price. And for one budget-savvy mom, it’s even possible to go completely for free.

Megan Bagley and her family are about to embark on their second Walt Disney World vacation paid for using online rewards. These vacations, which cost well over $2,000 for their family of three and could cost even more if they stayed longer or had more children, include food, hotel, travel, and even souvenirs, none of which the Bagley family will have to worry about when they go to Disney World this month. And it’s all made possible by online rewards.

Bagley uses Swagbucks, an online rewards and loyalty program through which users can earn rewards that they can cash out for gift cards and even cash. Bagley takes surveys on the site and even earns cash back for shopping online. Once she earns $25 in rewards, she can then cash out via PayPal and uses that money to buy Disney gift cards (or sometimes just transfers the funds directly to her own bank account).

“If I’m actively saving for a trip, I’m on there every day,” she said.

Even though each Swagbuck reward is worth only one cent, it adds up, and the rewards allow Bagley and her family to take vacations to Walt Disney World and beyond. In addition to taking surveys on the site, she also earns Discover rewards, such as getting rebates when purchasing products that her family would normally use.

“We live the life we want to live and we don’t have to cut back on anything,” Bagley said.

Cinderella's Castle at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World
Credit: Disney

She also participates in other online rewards programs and even sells clothing and accessories online via Poshmark. “I feel like it gives us so much more opportunity to explore the world,” she notes.

It can take a lot of dedication to commit to participating in online rewards programs like Bagley, but she is proof that it is possible to send your family on a Disney vacation at no extra cost to you. Bagley now does this full-time, but if you aren’t able to fully commit to earning rewards like this, there are plenty of other money-saving deals out there for anyone looking to take a Disney trip with their family.

Overall, our top tip for anyone wanting to save money on a Disney vacation who isn’t sure where to start is to book with an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. Academy Travel can book your trip, planning out every detail and making sure you get the best price and the most money-saving offers Disney has available. Click here for a free quote for your dream vacation!¬†

Walt Disney World vacation - Epcot
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What are your best tips for saving money on a Disney vacation? Let us know in the comments!

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