Comments for EPCOT’s revamp brings the theme park closer to Walt Disney’s vision

walt disney statue

Credit: Disney


  1. TonyG

    I hope disney paid you to write this tripe.

    Chapek’s vision of Epcot is about shilling Disney-Pixar-Marvel IP and nothing more. It’s not closer to Walt’s vision. Original EPCOT Center wasn’t Walt’s Vision, but it was a brilliant Worlds Fair park designed by Walt’s People, that aimed at a much more sophisticated (mentally) audience and vision than what it is now and what’s to come.

    Things like the Finding Nemo in the Seas overlay are a disgrace, aimed squarely at the Romper Room set and now that same strategy will be applied to Spaceship Earth, Wonders of Life shell, etc..

    EPCOT will become more a park for young children and adults with simple, arrested minds. Nothing like Walt Disney’s vision.

    1. Harley

      Are you just around to spread negative…
      This is a website for fans of the magic! Your aloud your opinions but not to put down itm if you do not agree maybe stop before you comment or just not be here!
      I am happier w the vision of this yes being closer to disney then what its been empty and half closed its going to be nice to see epcot alive again!
      Walt made the parks for everyone and this includes families! Epcot was about learning and while i believe it lacks sometimes you have to have it mentally available for everyone not just your genius level folks! Please either find the disney love and spirit! I am not happy w some things but i also have hope! And please again stop coming here to insult ITM their fans like all of us and bringing us info and fun stuff!

      1. Mark

        I am applauding harley and i am sure itm appreciates your support! Theres too much negative in the world honestly its one thing like me and to be sarcastic (i am an actor sorry) but its another to insult people and be rude why do you comment dude!

  2. Jackie

    TonyG or TimG or whomever you are today you need to remember your on itm covers all parks but mostly disney! As harley and mark said here its one thing to comment its another to be so negative your rude and your rude alot weather its to fellow commentators or itm… why are you here?
    Getting back to the statue i love it and i love like harley said its epcot 100% again running nothing closed thats been a long dream coming.

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