Comments for Minnie Mouse and Ratatouille merchandise come to 2019 Epcot Food & Wine Festival

Food & Wine festival merchandise

Credit: ITM Reporter/Sean Sposato


  1. Lisa

    Figment is not the unofficial mascot at Epcot…he’s the OFFICIAL mascot. Simba is the mascot for DAK, Stitch for DHS, and MK has Mickey.

    1. Mark

      Disney doesnt do mascots its icons
      Epcot is figment and sse, dak is the tree and one of every animal from the locations, dhs is tower judging by new logo this is the only one w charscters and stitch isnt invovled stitch isnt even at dhs and mk is the castle or walt and Mickey statue! Your def not a true disney person!

      1. Harley

        Mark and lisa you know your debating this on a food and wine merch post… never seen anything different in yrs always mickey minnie remy and figment! Lion king is only at dak bc of its anniversary or otherwise its only presences is at harambe its not symbol of dak look at merch from its 20th to realize that! If dak symbol is tlk they are doing something wrong and should bring back the natazu song ?
        Stitch sadly was never repped at dhs it was made there but never went beyond that and his m&g is at mk for more proof! No offense lisa i hear ya though i wish stayed at dhs instead of launch bay esp now w swge!

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