Comments for Merchandise, PhotoPass, and treats to celebrate Disney’s Haunted Mansion for one day only

Haunted Mansion merchandise

Credit: Disney


  1. Harley

    Sadly though i said this on the other hm merch thing glad its coming to wdw etc but Bailee even ended this w hurry back and yet little leota is never on merch and thats a major element of hm its a bit sad after all these yrs! I love hm but shesh tg i am creative but some people perfer to buy so come on disney!

    1. Mark

      Hurry back hurry back sadly they are selling stuff for retirement and a swinging wake but the gal whom reminds you of all this marketing and merch forgets constantly i agree w you 110% my friend! I wonder if its bc shes a banshee and not a ghost?

      1. Harley

        She is considered a banshee by definition and not tech a ghost you are correct… her orginial costume was going to be green and white to signify her difference. But shes still a huge part of the mansion a part everyone remembers and quotes but disney forgets in merch constantly!

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