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  1. Michael Blake

    A fantastic read, I didn’t kno about the drive in restaurant we’ll check it out wen we go out there, I look forward to reading more, also I love the JigglyPuff hat

    1. Harley

      Sci fi is next to the commissary its a dhs staple its the best considered one for many yrs at wdw! Now that your in the know hope you rnjoy but remember make reservations its extremely popular and lets just say we are regulars for yrs and still cant get a walk in! So def get reservations in advanced!

    2. Thanks very much Michael! Sci-Fi is a great place and you’re right, it is a bit hidden away at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Haha thanks for the hat compliment!

      1. Harley

        Yes thanks ryan for keeping scifi #1 and on top! Its also much more a happen spot since we got a bar to hangout in! Theres so many b movie fans it proves they are classics in there own right!

  2. Mark

    Sci fi is the only good restaurant its also the hardest to get into i agree w harley! Le celier has gone down in yrs as has prime time its no longer fun wo the screaming and punishment for elbows! Le celier chef changed and so did the menu also you can go to texas roadhouse somewhere and have better reasonably priced steak!
    Omg be our guest should be removed no one goes there! But san angels has gotten so much better in yrs and pales to hacienda aka the restaurant outside! You can still get just as good mexican somewhere else but this is authentic. The chicken mole is awesome!

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