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    While I “get it”… That’s what Parental Control is for. Shouldn’t be hard to add that to this application. If you are paid billions of dollars for all these IPs then they should be included.

    1. Harley

      I agree you think a brand built on family ent and values that parental control would be the first item to make sure disney+ had it!

  2. TimG

    Movies that are beyond a few years already passed on what is considered objectionable for kids 17 years and under. For example, a 10 year old R-Rated movie is PG-13 today. It should be up to the parent to decide what kids should watch. The other issue is many adults will buy the streaming service and feel ripped off for not seeing whatever they please. Netflix has a kids channel where they are only allowed to see kids rated movies. This is another reason to not get Disney+.

  3. Christine Spurlock

    So What?? They own most of Hulu and are bundling it with Disney+. R-rated movies will probably be on Hulu!

  4. Melissa

    R-Rated content has no place being tied to Disney+. I honestly think it’s bad enough some of the content on Freeform that is under Disney that includes young adults is as bad as it is. This should be a platform the family can enjoy, even if some of the PG-13 is indeed too much for the younger ones.

    1. Beth

      I agree with this! Having a family-friendly alternative to Netflix is huge! I am very pleased to hear Disney is taking this route with their new streaming service.

  5. Lindsey

    Completely agree, Melissa!

  6. Jacqueline in Atanta

    They may be surprised. What one person considers a weakness (not offering R rated events) another consumer may see as a strength and welcome change from the offerings on other channels.

  7. Derrek

    You have to keep in mind that the House of Mouse is primarily focused on Family Entertainment. I seriously doubt that anything with the Disney name attached to it will associate itself with anything R rated. Disney works hard to maintain its image as a company for families and if they added R rated content they would have a huge uprising on their hands. Maybe that will change in the future, but I think the chances are slim.

    Also, kids aren’t stupid and parental controls can never be 100% childproof so I think it’s smart that Disney is not even trying to go there in the first place so that they can’t be blamed for a kid watching something they shouldn’t.

    Like some of the other comments have pointed out Disney owns Hulu and since they haven’t slapped the Disney name on it chances are that’s where people wanting to watch TV-MA and R rated content will need to go.

  8. Lori

    Disney is right to do this, but the company should also go back and re-edit all their R rated movies to at least PG-13. If they are serious about not having R rated items on Disney+ then let them clean up all their R rated content.

    1. Dan

      It would be simpler if R-rated movies weren’t on Disney+ at all. Watering down movies to achieve a lower age rating isn’t a good thing. Movies should be seen as originally intended and viewers who aren’t old enough for an R-rated movie, or who are uncomfortable with some of the content shouldn’t be watching it in the first place.

      Let’s not ruin it for people who enjoy R-rated movies. It’s bad enough already when movie studios water down R-rated movies themselves without streaming services doing it as well.

  9. Mark

    Last i heard rumor is disney might be doing away w tv station and letting it all be streaming for this reason i think its more than a parental control! Bc we all know how well they work elsewhere and i am sure disney knows being a business geared towards families they want to avoid stuff… its plain and simple no matter if like it or not!

  10. Tom

    I think this is good; there are plenty of other outlets to get R-rated material. I’m glad there will now be at least one streaming service where we don’t have to sort through content we aren’t interested in.

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