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moms panel

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  1. Adam

    I find it weird that it isn’t a “Parents” panel. It’s cute that it’s for Moms, but some families just have Dads.

    1. Harley

      I agree adam! First i apply every year and never get chosen (i know i know alot more than the mom panel does via what they choose to write about) i also feel i am being rejected for being a single parent! Heres my scoop it happen to me at church they have a moms only prayer group (like dads cant pray too i dont know) and i felt almost insult and embarrassed i was happy it was just me and my kid! I started a single parents group and we all felt the same way but now we dont feel alone and our group is very split down the middle moms dads alike! Weve even welcomed non single parents into the group bc the moms group got too clicky and i think thats what this is!

  2. Christina

    How about a “grandparent” panel, lot of time it is the grandparent that flips the bill.

  3. Harley

    Just heard on the news that it is open to everyone re the backlash aka us! Sorry didnt mean too but it was unfair! Still sadly probably wont choose me!

  4. Melanie Durham

    I would love to be on the moms panel but it’s only 40 out of thousands! But what a dream that would be!

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