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    I had planned to make two trips to Disney World this year (like most years). One in the first weekend in September and another in the first week of December.

    I ended up bumping the September trip up to May of this year (before SWGE opening) due to predictions of overcrowding, etc.

    While we were there in May, multiple park employees mentioned that the entire resort was sold out for the rest of the year due to SWGE. And others said that only the upper level resorts had vacancies.

    I am not surprised to hear of a revenue dip. But I am certainly looking forward to next years potential trips.

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      James Smith

      We have been attending Disney World every year since it opened . We went in May but never again . Too crowded and hot. Even the fast pass lines were long. I can’t say it was that enjoyable.

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    The attendance is down because the park tickets are super expensive, the revenue is up because the park tickets are super expensive. People that can afford the prices do not want to wait in line for hours or rush around to be on time for the fast pass.

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    We’ve been to Disney over 70 years since 1992! Everything Disney!! But we have been priced out of hotels! We stayed at almost all of them! But when you try to make a reservation, what we used to pay for a week, is now a nights stay! Still hoping to get back down there!

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    I know for residents and annuals its a preference to not go during busy times bc we can go when the crowds arent there! I bet that doesnt help but i rather not play w a line that i can see under 30 mins at 2 hrs either! Also the peek of the heat where its 115 in the shade literally is not pleasant at the park!

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