Comments for Disney World now taking reservations for Galaxy’s Edge experiences & cantina

Droid Depot

Credit: Disney


  1. Harley

    Right now reservations are needed granted but do you think that the driod builder will need it as time progresses say as much as the cantina or the saber where there is more a limit?? Just wondering?? Besides batuu can keep its cantina i prefer baseline!

  2. ron johnson

    I will not go to Galaxies Edge if the prices are like they are at Disneyland! I will not go if Darth Vader, Han Solo, Luke, and Leia are not there. In my opinion Galaxies edge SUX !!!!!

    1. Mark

      Vader is at launch bay and the other were never repped at the park except maybe those star wars parties that fell flat! Your entitled to your opinion to not go but its harsh to say you hate it and it sucks wo going bc how do you know. Just bc everyone says it??? If everyone jumped off a bridge you going too???!!!

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