Comments for UPDATE: Disney Cruise Line cancels departure ahead of Hurricane Dorian

Disney Cruise Line's Disney at Sea with D23

Credit: Disney


  1. Shelia Maxwell

    I feel Disney was as accomadating as they could be during this time.
    I know they can’t predict the weather, I just wish we had know before we flew into Orlando on Thursday morning, only to find out within 30 minutes of our arrival that there had been changes made to the cruise.
    Our flights weren’t covered by insurance, so now I have to repurchase airfare to take this cruise in May…ugh
    And, I’ll have to pay a higher fee for our cruise in May…seems like they would honor our cruise and accommodate us; instead of charging us for what was a weather issue!

    1. Marie

      I’m very sorry about your cruise cancellation. We will be cruising Disney fantasy in 3 weeks and I can’t imagine telling having to tell my children that it was cancelled after they have been waiting 2 years to go on this cruise. I am closely watching the new storm forming just to be a little ahead of the game. I agree with you, forget the 20% discount you should be able to get your exact room category on any future sailing for no additional cost to you as long as there is one available especially because it was so last minute. Hope you and your family have a great vacation in May.

  2. Marvin Johnson

    Hello my neighbors are scheduled to be on the Disney Dream out of Orlando Friday September 6/th. Im wondering is this wise ? To go on the cruise that is headed to the Bahamas. Also have the Disney Cruise Line been cancelled due to hurricane Dorian ?

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