Comments for 15 Destinations to Visit Across the U.S. if you Love Disney Parks

Space Center Houston


  1. Harley

    St augustine is like my favorite place to go as a fl outside of wdw! Esp bc i am ghost hunter its never a dull moment…
    Lake compounce is an awesome but small amusement park in ct theres another one called quasy park but its smaller and has alot of kiddie friendly rides then compounce. Quazy is also local!
    Heard so much about knotts including a few haunts are open dont know if its true or not its on our cali agenda cant wait!
    I can also spend a full day chatting about the amazing disney broadway shows so i wont and just sign off this commentary!

  2. Mark

    I am hurt BGW and hershey are not on this list! Thats all!

    1. Harley

      Hershey chocolate its a hershey chocolate world! Saw hershey raised candy prices and people got pissed i was like but they havent raised admission prices in yrs unlike other parks… what people will complain about! But you make a valid observation hershey is tops up north as well and bgw makes bgt look foolish esp its hos event!

  3. Stacey

    Hershey Park, in my opinion, is the closest to Disney that there is. Clean, great family rides, and fun shows.

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