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D23 - new Epcot posters for lands and attractions

Credit: Bailee Abell/ITM Reporter


  1. Harley

    Just knowing 2 more things are going to be announced for epcot is exciting and having moana announced along w coco added to the mexico poster has me inspired, hopeful, and bit intrigued to see whats to come!
    As walt said and horizons reminds up “if you can dream it you really can do it”! Also like the great symbol reminds us we are all tomorrows children and the future world is ours!

    1. Jackie

      Harley i have the same vintage love you do seeing the new posters and old ones including our beloved horizons w new posters bringing back a new but vintage feel to the logo cant help a hopeful feeling too!
      I know theres many whom doubt w all thats going on but i dont think its all chopek’s fault! He once said hes a vintage epcot person too but remember whose pulling the strings…. $$$$ and he is w the redesign looking alot like the epcot we loved is like meeting us half way!
      Now w that being said would walt be happy w whats going on yes and no! Let me explain quick… yes bc future world though we all hate admit was supose to change by def future world! It was also though still supose to be the learning park and what gog has to do w that???? But thats where the hard NO would come in amongst 2/3 of classics that were dear to him are all but in the dirt! But besides the $$$ there were worse people before him! Ie. Nothing got done during queen megs reign! I actually had a 2 face interaction w her once that will make anyone now look saintly…
      She went from complimenting my ride experience as i worked a speil attraction to seeing me outside grabbing gifts in street clothes of clock to like she didnt just complement me but looked at my horizons tat and was like NO employeees of wdw are aloud tats i should have you fired and bc your dressed so improper… again i clocked out in clothes getting xmas gifts! WTH?! I am just saying could be worse!

      1. Harley

        World Showcase, World Nature, World Discovery, and World Celebration #D23Expo
        People could say what they want about chopek but i have hope bc this separate is what walt wanted all along for epcot look at orginal art work w walt in front of a big huge single pavlion he wsntsd it to be like the worlds fair w different ins and outs for stuff! This idea is what people like marty skyler (rip you wonderful person) created commuicore from! And Marty said this at a talk i had the pleasure of witnessing! People will complain but seeing this idea realized makes this epcot person still hopeful! Future world is gone NO bc that was the 80s its 2019 people we are living the future world to whats next! Thats even what walt wanted i am vintage epcot cant get more vintage epcot then me but i also want to see the future! ?
        And like Jackie said its a crossroad we all have to meet at.

  2. P

    Pretty sure it’s arendelle/ frozen even though we already have Norway

    1. Harley

      Actually rumored world showcase pavilions for a long time and many talks coming out of disney were short list was…
      The 2 latter were designed and in the orginal the world showcase group that never came to pass!
      I actually have a postcard w all orginal artwork for pavilions russian is one of them.

  3. Harley

    Holding onto hope for todays announcements bc i am tmi home sick in a biohazard between 2 bedrooms we need some good news come on epcot and d23!

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